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    Monster Pike

    Some keep them some let them go in my opinion the big ass fish tend to have more contaminates in them for eating ,however people have a choice and pay into the system just like anybody else . If your hungry it if your not don,t that's the beauty of it For every action there is a reaction !
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    THANKS to the guy who took my minnow pail

    Thanks decided not to go until next week not enough action for me . Coming from Kitchener maybe after the derby things will pick up .thats if there is ice next week ! Cheers ,
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    Today on the Bay

    Thanks for the update ,I too am dissatisfied the fish are very elusive these days, recently took a jab at it only caught a fiew ,however you just never know when it will turn on ! .when it does look out you will have the time of your life . So keep trying you might be in for some good eating...
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    THANKS to the guy who took my minnow pail

    Sorry about your luck hopefully it will turn up , how did you make out and could I run my quad tomorrow. Or is it not safe thanks !
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    Ok how about a fresh update on the catches !!

    Lately the only updates have been a fiew perch here and there I realize you must go and get your own results, however where are all the schools of perch ? I,m starting to think Lake Erie is starting to be a Dud !!
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    St. Williams Sunday - Jumbo Perch!

    Nice going that 26 once perch is almost a record hopefully we can get out there soon enough l!!
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    Fishing reports anyone

    I was wishing for more perch but managed 7 good ones maybe the east wind had me beat on Thursday out of old cut 5 in of ice
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    The Bay

    sometimes you must work a little harder keep moving try a little harder ,watch what other anglers are doing and stay focused ,usually when you think there are no fish you will be defited.Never give up and while your wondering where are the fish gone, take the time to look around you, and stop to...
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    New part time business

    Hey I give you lots of credit I,m a welder fitter myself and everybody and his brother thinks he can fit and weld but realy only the best can survive good luck my friend!1
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    old cut sat.

    man thats some perch way to go wish they were all that size lol
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    hey there jwalsh you mentioned using a small perch for bait to catch pike I dont think that is a good practice I always thougt you could not use game fish for bait? let me know If I,m missing something!!
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    rondeau bay!

    has anyone tried fishing down in rondeau bay I have a place down there and I can,t believe that there are hardly any body ice fishing this body of water its lake Erie after all, I was out on friday and past saturday and had a great day nice pearch and crappies the only problem is you got to work...
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    welcome crave fish this is a great site its good to be informed about whats going on down in st williams and so on!welcome aboard!!
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    new here and hello to all

    welcome as well!!
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    what is the best atv to buy

    thanks guys that really was good info!!sounds like the first pick is honda then susuki king quad or yamaha grizzly