Lake Erie Interactive Map

This map, centred on Lake Erie gives you what you need to plan your boating day on the water.  It combines the charting and navigational information from Navionics with the power of Google maps and mixes in a little knowledge from the Great Lakes fishing community.  You can map out where you are going to boat and fish by picking a destination, choosing the best route and then turning on the marine charts feature to understand the structure of what lies beneath.  I’ll be adding destinations, photos and maybe GPS plots of my fishing days.

You are able to scroll the map and check out other bodies of water as well.  Navionics has mapped many of the lakes that I’ve fished.


  • marine charts – check this box while over your favourite body of water to see detailed marine charts from Navionics, including sonar maps
  • web cams –  click this option to see web cams from around the Great Lakes
  • boat ramps – see select boat ramps on the Great Lakes which can be clicked for more info and pictures
  • distance calculator – set your own markers to calculate distances on the water or off
  • directions & traffic –  the classic Google maps functions all in one handy place