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    I have as well fished this location for some 20 years. With posting the location will only fudge...

    I have as well fished this location for some 20 years. With posting the location will only fudge it up for me and you . I'm sure in the near future I will see in the river.
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    grand river sunday

    Really. *uck me
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    Am I alone here

    One more attempt for a good catch is all I can do to keep me coming back. Wish me luck.
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    Am I alone here

    Great to hear the kids had fun. Cant beat the experience of a young boy and girl experiencing something they may never forget. That being a good day or a bad one. I hope they don't start talking about Lake Simcoe
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    Am I alone here

    I can only assume that with the reports I'm reading that the chances of having a good day on the Bay are limited. Not one to bring the general public to a halt but if there's fish being caught post the results. The more the merrier for the people that rely on the fishing season. I keep seeing...
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    bayside rocks

    Did the minnows and advice catch you any fish?
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    Ice thickness report

    Hey guys. Can someone give us a ice thickness report out of St Williams. I sure someone has reported the information but I cant find it. Going out this Saturday with my ATV and portable ice hut. Don't feel like going swimming. Thanks for any info. Cheers:)
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    St willys

    Thank you G-man
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    St willys

    Is it safe for ATV travel out that far?
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    St Willys ice

    Could someone be so kind to inform us on the ice conditions. Thinking about going out tomorrow for a kick at the cat. Thanks for any information.
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    Mixed reports

    Hi guys. Reading the reports has got me a little confused. Is there enough ice on the bay to ride an ATV. I'm thinking a tour Tuesday or Wednesday is in order but don't want to go swimming. Any information would be most valuable. Thanks:D
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    Ice conditions

    How are the ice conditions from St Williams? Is the shore ice holding its own? I'm thinking a trip out on the ATV is in order for Sunday morning. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Fishing reports anyone

    That's what I'm talking about.:)Keep the reports coming. How thick was the ice out there?
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    Fishing reports anyone

    I'm surprised that there has been no fishing reports to date. Somebody please. I need a fishing report fix:D
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    grangers ice fishing

    Can I assume that you will be exporting people to their hunts on a sled?
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