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Not sure what it was but I hit something going out of old cut today and tool a small chip out of my skeg it was right beside were the ice access is there was a chunk of wood on the other side of the channel I avoided it and hit something else looked on the way in and the water was 3.5' deep and I couldn't find anything around I'm in a 18' lund so if your going out ya may want to take it slow and stay trimed up.


I would like to thank Denali custom rods and The Rod Glove for their support
I'm not ready to put my boat in yet but thanks for heads up. hope someone can find what ever it was and remove it Cause I have the luck to hit it too.
no problem guys just trying to save anyone else from having to have this on a brand new motor.



I would like to thank Denali custom rods and The Rod Glove for their support
hey i hit it last yr same kinda dent but also skinned up my prop.

will hunt for food
Let see some pictures of the new boat! Sorry to hear about the damage, that really sucks.
here's a pic of the boat.


and a quick vid but my bro isn't a very good camera man LOL

I really like this boat :D


I would like to thank Denali custom rods and The Rod Glove for their support
anyone know some one that dives might be worth getting someone to go under and look about (once it is warmer) thats nasty damage
The owners of these channels need to take better care they always want our money to launch but don't take care of their own assets I can gaurantee I will never launch there again 2 launches $20 damage to boat several hundred definately not worth it I'm getting a pass for the PP but until they open I will launch at sandboy or pt Rowan.


I would like to thank Denali custom rods and The Rod Glove for their support
Hey I have never launched from the PP but someone told me it's real shallow and weeds become big issue (I don't remember who that was)

who is the caretaker of the old cut channel and were they informed of an object in the water.

just asking not trying to start war
Nice looking boat STR8,....by the looks of the jacket ur wearing u work at Toyota! Have the same one myself, due to the part shortage and all the shut down talk, we may have a little free time on our hands to hit the water and get some fishin in!!!


SRT8, nice boat man! I hope she does you well for years to come. What engine are you running on there, sounds real strong on the vid. I've been working mine for the last few weeks in the garage, had a Rat get into her and chew the carpet and some wires up. I will post some pics when I am done with the reno. I was hoping to have it completed by now so I could get out and try for some spring Pike this year, but it looks like I have at least 2 weeks of work left. This has truned into a much bigger job than I first thought, but don't they all.
Hey Skinny the PP isn't any worse than the OC and the PP is all sand/silt on the way out and as long as you get up on plane before it gets shallow again it's no problem you always have 2 FOW I launched out of there all season last year in my 18'6" starcraft I/O with no problems .I have no idea who takes care of OC but they need to clean it up and I'm pretty sure I hit the a cinder block that I saw thrown out on the ice to check how thick it was [:(!]

Mike were do you work woodstock or cambridge ? I don't listen to the rumor mill I just wait till the announce things but some extra fishing time won't bother me any as long as it don't last to long.

zxninja that sucks that the rat wreck your boat .I have a 90 2 stroke on it I don't think your going to miss out on the spring pike water temps are still really cold they would have just started to spawn so there will be lots around in 2 weeks for ya.


I would like to thank Denali custom rods and The Rod Glove for their support
i work at Toyota as well Woodstock b shift engine line! only been there for a year now. would be nice to have sometime off just don't think my bank account will like it!
SRT8 very nice boat and sorry to see the damage to the skeg but I'm wondering if you saw someone throwing a cinder block into the channel why are you not complaining about these clowns instead of bitching about the marina owners who are probably not even aware that there is a problem.
I saw a cinder block stuck in the ice but it sounds like there was already something there because someone else damaged there motor in the same place. I am not just bitchin about the channels there are only a couple decent launches on LPB and a bunch that are terrible OC is one of the worst I almost fell off the dock because its falling apart. It just bothers me that they keep raking in the cash but can't fix a few things so we can actually enjoy the bay for what it is a beautiful relaxing place to fish and boat on.BTW these channels have been a mess for a few years and I know of atleast a half dozen complaints so they now there's a problem.


I would like to thank Denali custom rods and The Rod Glove for their support
i have gone out of old cut but launch from post marine I like the launch. I also know someone that says it's ok to power load at Post marine. I havn't launched from the livery so I can't say anything about it.
STR8....I work at the Woodstock plant on A shift in underbody Weld, been there a year now. I acctually cross paths with you on 59 Hwy when we were on 9hr days,... what part do you work in?

Thinking about hitting the water this weekend to try for some crappie,...last year at this time was great fishing for them, so hope to bring some supper home! I think the water temps need to warm up a bit for the pike,.... still alot in the marshes.


We should have tmmc fishing tourny if/when we get some downtime.
I work in Cambridge A shift Sidemember Weld with another troll on this board... HI Rob! lol
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