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    self serve

    was anyone out would really like to know how it went and any ducks thanks Dave
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    B Dave

    if you go to lake and the topic the cribs sea bass has a solutions to your problems[^]
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    north shore bass 8/8

    I was out Wed afternoon and saw a fishing tug in about 15 ft. of water out in front of the pump house ,I wondered what he was doing there, didnt think he should be fishing
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    Wells bait

    I stopped in there last weekend to talk to the fella and he said $5.oo a large scoop and they would be open at 6 a.m. if no one there knock on the door
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    Bluff Bar Pike??

    trolled Arnold's secret bait and everything else on sat. for several hours and only one one dollar minny pike was caught, cost me a buck! great weather nice ride Dave
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    Duck Dynasty

    I read that Terry Bradshaw was backup Quarterback to the Duck Commander in his rookie season at Louisiana State University;) go figure Dave
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    boat repair

    that looks great,very pofessional,was it very costly? thanks dave
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    Question For All The Oldtimers

    I would say the best years for me to see the most ducks would have been 65 to69 the morning and nite shoots were amazing and in between you could watch huge flocks of everythig trading between the lake and big creek area. There were also so many divers off big creek we hunted them out of a big...
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    what a year

    refreshing , thank you , Dave ;)
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    worms in flesh

    Canvasback I saw those pictures and they are disgusting the ones i took only had a couple in them Dave
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    worms in flesh

    I googled it after I got the rice breast name and it was a pretty interesting read. Thanks for the input. Dave
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    worms in flesh

    thanks for the information LPGAR Dave
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    worms in flesh

    P.S. I have photos but cant post but I can email them Dave
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    worms in flesh

    Shot a nice drake mallard on Sat. and when cleaned you could see lots of grubs similar to perch or bass worms .This is the first timein a lot of years of duckin I have seen this .Can someone tell me about them. thanks Dave[?]
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    Celebrity Banned from hunting

    thanks for the post I was wondering what happened to him ,Dave
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