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    No Fishing Today,but a great Meeting

    Thanks for sharing your day with us through the posted pics. Nice work. Huron.
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    Off Topic Boating ban on all London water ways article

    Thanks for posting pics of angry spring waters Red. Keep up the posts. I know you know better, but stay high on dry land ! Keep safe.!!! Huron.
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    Fishing Report The Lake of Empty

    Thanks for sharing your day,, as all fisherman know, any fishing day is a success. Wish I could have been there with you guys.. :) Huron.
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    Cold Temps.

    Anybody know if Woodwards Hut Operators at St. Williams may have decided to put huts back out with the current refreeze...? I'd be crazy enough to drive over for one last outing before March 15. hut removal date. Thanks Huron.
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    March 01 AM , LPB from Booths Harbour

    Hi Larry, I just knew you would come through faithfully with some current pics. When I get a collage board of our day out I will post the pics esp. after I learn how to use this new fangled lap top we got. Thanks again. Huron.
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    Is fishing good for you?

    What's better than paying a shrink $300. an hour for relief from the wacky madness out there when one can hide away in an ice hut and regain solid self identity. P.S... and the I phone stays in the bottom of the ice bucket for fish caught and emergencies only.!!!
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    Feb 24 LPB pics

    Just curious , no intentions of heading out on what ice is left these iceless ! days but how about another recent pic of the waters off St. Williams before I put the ice bucket away. Anybody close by there, maybe Larry?. Thanks , Huron.
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    The fat lady has sung.

    Nice pics Larry. You enjoy a nice view from your vantage point. Just so glad I got out there with my wife last Tuesday. I couple of dinks, but I'm settled down now. Keep posting the view during the coming Spring season. Thanks. Huron.
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    Off Topic Poll - Your Preferred Decal Choice

    I vote for number 6. thanks. Huron .
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    St William's - Feb 22

    Thanks for the ice report. Makes me happier than ever that I got out with my wife on Tuesday. I feel settled down now. :) Huron.
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    St Williams Ice Report

    Hi John, my wife and I finally made it to St. Williams on Tuesday. Woodward Ice Fishing had a number of huts still out but pulled in close to shore and were watching conditions. Caught a couple of dinks but 50 feet away some else hauled in about 20 good perch keepers. We had a really nice...
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    Ice Conditions @oldcut as of 15/02/19

    You guys look like happy escapees from Alcatraz. I know the feeling! Hoping to join you out there this week. Huron.
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    Fishing Report Old cut ice report

    Thanks Larry, for the info and fantastic shots. Huron.
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    Thursday, Feb. 14,LPB at St. Williams

    Thanks for the update of info friar. Not living in the area I would not have known. Huron.
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    Thursday, Feb. 14,LPB at St. Williams

    Seems I,m behind the times. Is the former Grangers ice fishing office now Woodwards. Thanks for updating me. Huron.