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    Wildwood Dam Ice Fishing Anyone ?

    Thanks for sharing your Fanshawe ice day . Huron.:)
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    Wildwood Dam Ice Fishing Anyone ?

    Stratford paper had a pic of a boy proudly holding a two foot pike. Ice must be o.k. ? I may go but lake access is awkward and uninviting the way the conservation park there is set up. Anybody know more? Huron.
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    Well,I had to see it for myself,there is definitely “No Ice Fishing Season” on long point bay,this year!! 🎣👎🥺

    Thanks so much for sharing the pics Red Herring , it helped me to start to settle down as I put my ice fishing bucket away. Sob! Wishing you a lot of warmth from that fire wood. Huron.
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    Good luck buddy. Us ice fisherman are in the minority with little money in our pockets as far as land use activity around Puslinch. H,mmm…. Hey doesn't Justin Bieber have a home right in the Puslinch area. Maybe we could get him to help our cause. LOL !!! Huron.
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    I used to go ice fishing there many years ago. We would go out from were the restaurant is situated, then things changed a lot. They stopped people from parking there even though we used to park nearby. I too wonder were a person can access the lake (when there's safe ice.) I'm under the...
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    Any Ice of St. Williams ?

    Thanks for the report jerk bait. Never the less some nice sunny day my wife and I may still drive down to Lake Erie for restaurant perch at the hotel in Port Dover. Huron.
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    Any Ice of St. Williams ?

    Thanks for the sober news buddy. Huron.
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    Any Ice of St. Williams ?

    Anybody with what the lake is like off St. Williams ? Any ice forming at all . Still dreaming of ice fishing or should I put the ice fishing bucket away . Huron.
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    Off Topic Workshop Fish

    I thought I'd share some fish "I caught" in my workshop since it's been poor ice fishing in our area. I cut them out from wood then painted them using what they call artistic licence . I hope you like them. I'm open for critic from fellow fisherman as I know you guys appreciate mother nature...
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    Off Topic Painting spoons

    Your craftsmanship is A+. Thanks for sharing. Huron.
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    No Fishing yet!! ☹️ BUT!! Maybe soon!! 🤪😊

    Thankyou Jumbojim for posting the pic's. Huron.
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    No Fishing yet!! ☹️ BUT!! Maybe soon!! 🤪😊

    Until Red Herring gets down to the area Anybody right nearby St. Williams know what lake is like. I know the ice ? is too thin right now but just curious. Any ford F150's half submerged in the "water" . Usually lake Simcoe has a few of them. Be safe.! Huron.
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    The Weather—one extreme to another!! 😠😒

    Interesting pic's Red Herring. Next lake shore drive could you get a few pic's down the hill at St. Williams of the lake with the two ice fishing hut rental offices in the pic. I wanted them to add to my pic collection. As an amateur photo buff I appreciate your pictures. Thanks and take...
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    No Fishing Today,but a great Meeting

    Thanks for sharing your day with us through the posted pics. Nice work. Huron.
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    Off Topic Boating ban on all London water ways article

    Thanks for posting pics of angry spring waters Red. Keep up the posts. I know you know better, but stay high on dry land ! Keep safe.!!! Huron.