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    Minn Kota garbage....

    I also bought an XI3 from angling outfitters in Woodstock. I bought the 70 lb 60 inch and it is much better than the old minn kota PD55 I replaced. I have it networked to my Elite TI2. Set up a route to follow the 15ft contour at bluff bar on tuesday and the xi3 did all the driving while i...
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    Boat Insurance

    I checked with MD insurance and got a quote of just under $400. My renewal with my existing broker is $570. Interesting that both are with Aviva. Hopefully there will be overall discounts on not just boats but automobile insurance also. I guess we will have to be proactive with our brokers to...
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    Boat Insurance

    What are people doing with regards to boat insurance while access to water is not available. My renewal is coming up May 1st and I am wondering if I should renew. It is stored in my garage in my back yard right now (Need a tractor to get it out). Paying $500 plus dollars right now seems wrong...
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    Looking for whole house generator

    The advantage of the home standby is I don't have to be home to start the generator.In my case I need my sump pump so I went home standby. If i'm not home my home is protected and as a bonus my wife doesn't have to drag out a generator. I went 11kw with the sub panel that powers the sump pump...
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    vessel view for mercury

    Proctor's in Simcoe quoted me $370 + tax 2 weeks ago for the vessel view mobile link.
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    Long Point park ramp

    Got a reply from the park. Ramp is open but parking lot is full of water. Sounds like you need a boat to launch your boat Thanks to everyone who replied
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    Long Point park ramp

    Does anyone know if the park ramp is open this weekend. I know the park is closed until July 15th but voice message says day use is open. Is ramp part of the day use. Tried to call but nobody is picking up the phone. Thanks
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    For sale Minn Kota power drive V2 55lb with pedal, wiring and quick detach plate. $ 300. Tillsonburg
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    hittin Burwell tomorrow

    We were out thursday morning after the thunderstorm. Fished in 56to 58 feet. Found the fish deep. 10 core and dipsies almost on bottom.
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    Liberals and Lg.Pt. Bay

    Kegman, You might want to check Dave Mackenzie's record on the long gun registry vote. He is one of the few former police chiefs opposed to the registry.
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