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    Anyone have eyes on booths harbour?

    Water level in Booth's seems to be unaffected by the storm.
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    RIP Canvasback

    Glendennings Funeral Home has a nice online memorial. RIP John.
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    Best fishing show

    Looks fake to me.
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    Disappointing day on the lake

    Check your boat insurance. They might cover the towing fee if you have a receipt.
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    Sold Mercury Auto Blend Unit

    Mercury autoblend oil injector. Holds 4 liters. Was used on a 60 hp Mariner outboard.
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    Sold 1995 Johnson 40 HP $1150.

    Model # J40ELEOD Johnson 40 hp with trim assist. Excellent running motor with new paint this spring. Has a Panther skeg guard. Comes with Gas tank, battery, controls, and steering wheel with 12' steering cable. Can be heard running on stand.
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    Wide ~16.5 - 17.5ft boat?

    I also owned a Princecraft with rivet issues. I called the Princecraft factory and was told the boat was one year out of warranty. I replaced the missing rivet, tightened up a bunch of loose ones and took her for a test run.......returning to find another rivet had popped out. She's gone. If...
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    Sold Princecraft sold

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    inner bay musky

    Minimum size for possession of Musky in district 19 is 44". The season opens the first Saturday in June. Good luck guys. Let's see the big ones.
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    Fishing Report Pike - Inner Bay - Friday, May 6th

    After releasing the Musky beside you I managed to catch a 3 lb. pike for supper. Water clarity was a problem. I avoided disturbing the bass by using a spoon to lure the pike. It was nice chatting with you and the crew.
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    Sold Two Walker Electric Downriggers

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    Fishing Report casting the thames nov 28

    Nice musky. It's hard to measure and weigh a fish that large without getting slime all over..... Beauty fish.
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    Reports on water temps for the inner and outer bays please

    65.6 degrees in Inner Bay Wed. Sept. 30.
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    Usually late October or early November. Might be later this year with the warmer fall temps.
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    Does anyone here target Largemouth in the bay?

    If you are only looking for a good fight or "catch and release" there are lots of 4-6 lb. sheephead in the bay. They don't give much of a head shake or tail dance but they are good rodbenders. All you need to do is go perch fishing and you'll get sheephead.