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as a new owner of a boat this spring, i went to bridge yatchs in dover to ask what i needed to winterize a 1986 50hp mariner, stored in an unheated garage.

his tips included:

-put stabilizer in the gas tank. the fuller the better to avoid moisture.

- run boat out of gas

- remove spark plugs, fog, install spark plugs

- turn key, or pull X2 to lubricate pistons, etc.

- change lower end gear oil now (as apposed to the spring when i thought it should be done. lol)

_ replace or clean spark plugs in spring. (as apposed to now)

he also mentioned that i should be running the gas stabilizer, or buying premium gas for a motor that age to help prevent some of the rubber gaskets from drying up......point well taken.

just sharing info to anyone ready to winterize.

any other tips out there??

I was a new boat owner 2 years ago, and did just as you said for winterizing, with no problems.
One thing I did NOT remember to do, was leave the boat drain plug open..... yes I know.... well the boat had 12" of water in it (17.5' Tracker) so that's alot of water. I was wondering why the trailer tires looked a little underinflated..... which led to my discovery.
Sure took a long time to drain out !
Pull the plug !

It was totally a Rookie mistake.....
: )

17' Tracker ProDeep V
from Burlington
mugz....i did that too...discovered it when the 12" was frozen already and had to pull it into the garage and thaw my boat out for three days to get it to melt and drain!!! Yes Rookie Mistake too.
The only other item that i'd like to add is to put a couple of moth balls in by the wires and behind the control panel. We have used bounce dryer sheets to stuff into our wiring harness area also (mice will not bite through them). This prevents the mice from creating a nice nest from the wiring insulation. Happened to me one year. Had to rewire some items...not a pleasant way to open the boat up in the spring and find your wiring insulation in a nice ball as a nest.
Originally posted by Arnie0226


- change lower end gear oil now (as apposed to the spring when i thought it should be done. lol)

This is in case there is water in the case, if there is and when it freezes the case cracks
thanks guys.

i too have forgotten the drain plug. lol. good thing boat is in the garage. i'll go pull it now.

i have heard of moth balls. we use them in the tent trailer for mice, but dryer sheets? whooda thunkit?

looking forward to seeing you all on the ice.

I have been using Bounce dryer sheets in the "Whale Bone" for years and have never had a problem with mice or any pest except the wasps like to build a hive on top of my dash. They are all dead come spring time. That is a good thing as I am allergic to bees and wasps.
Just a question,does anyone else jack up their boat trailer(with boat on top),for storage over the winter,like I have done over the year`s?With all that weight on the boat trailer tires(permanent gas tank on boat like mine,with 40 gallons full of fuel-to prevent condensation in the fuel tank),I was just wondering if it would create a flat spot on the trailer tires,& also what about the weight on the trailer springs,for being in one spot,for up to 6 months or longer for some boaters.Thank-You,In Advance.

I usually put mine on blocks and store tires inside. Between UV's and weather it can really shorten their life.I'm also going to try a new product called 303 on the tires ,I'm told it's great for all kinds of rubber.

PS; Make lots of notes to remind yourself to "Put the Plug Back IN !" LoL !
The weight sitting on the tires from my experience is negligible, my trailer tires are 20yrs old and there are no cracks and i don't feel and flat spot when I tow it for the first time each year , but then I over inflate them too, the sun on the other hand does a lot of damage, mine sits inside for the winter(when the UV is the worst)and in the shade for the summer. Keep'em out of the sun
Thank-You for the replies so far about storing the boat trailer.I decided to jack my trailer up again as I have done so over the years.By the time I put the Tarp over the boat,it also covers up my trailer tires at the same time,to protect it from the UV,etc.By the time April rolls around,I am gearing up to go boating again for the year.Too bad that I did not get another chance for Perch down on the Bay with the boat,(Winds were nasty),and with no garage,it was time to winterize the boat.Also,the rivers North of here-Bayfield & the Maitland Rivers,are starting to look good,for some late Fall Steelheading.I hope to see & meet some of you on the ice,at Long Point,when the hard water season arrives.8D

I have used Irish Spring soap on the wheels and had no mice problems. A buddy with show cars told me that one,8D seems to work and doesn't stink like moth balls in the spring....:)
ArgO NuT
I use a hungry cat for mice , I only find dead ones and the occasional live baby she feels sorry for.
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