Tundra Swans


Can someone who lives near the Bay let me know if you have seen the swans yet....and where. I heard they're starting to show up, but with the Bay still ice covered, not sure where they're hanging out.
When I was out ice fishing Tuesday afternoon, I had about 5 different flocks fly over me. They were all flying East to West towards Port Burwell...they could be landing in open fields that our flooderd or the main lake.
Thanks. Kinda what I thought....they like those fields just North of Port Royal... They're back early, they tend to show up just a few days before the Bay opens up.....so all you guys still fishing, heads up!
I saw many flocks of them and geese this morning coming across the lake. I think Big Creek is open so that is probably where they are.

Spring is almost here!

Big flock of swans in a field on the north walsingham town line, north of langton

Brian (Legend Man)
There are lots of swans,geese and ducks using the mouth of Big Creek. The noise at night is incredible. Big Creek is slowly opening up the Bay.

The meaning of life? FISHING!!!
Hey Polywog i saw the swans yesterday in one of there normal resting fields, there is a big bean field to the west of lakeshore rd it goes across to concession "A" there are almost always swans wadling around in there this time of year, it would have been a great photo oppertunity beause they were very close to the road. we had a few minuites to watch them at a very close range. Good luck :D
Heading down to the Point tomorrow to see em......has anyone seen the mouth of Big Creek in the last day or two.....are they hanging out there?
Hwy 73 south of Aylmer and 45 on the SW corner is a cornfield full of swans
Big Dave your right that field is always a pretty good spot, and if not there out at the police college where they get fed is also a good place, too bad it's not as good for geese in the fall.[:(!]
I had to go to St. Thomas for work this morning and I saw this huge group of swans on Pressy Road between Tburg and Springfield. I would say there was at least 200 birds and more kept coming. I watch 3 different groups land in about 5 mins. Its pretty amazing how they all meet up in the same spot. I also saw my first robin of 2011...Spring is officially here for me!





Awesome pictures Jwalsh,Thank-You for Sharing.I heard & then saw my first Robin fly above my Head just the other day,with a Red Tailed Hawk in hot pursuit right after the Robin.:(I hope the Robin made it to Safety.What a way to be greeted, after such a long Flight back from the South.I must agree,Spring Is Finally Here for me also!!8D

Thanks Red Fish! I always keep my camera in the truck, just in case I see something during my travels. I guess the hawk as been waiting for a sign that spring as arrived as well lol!
Great Pic's. Jwalsh. I bet seeing these birds in the air especially at dusk would be dramatic. Huron.
There were literally hundreds of swans in a variety of fields around Townsend. A real sign of spring!
Some neat pics of an Bald Eagle attacking a swan.
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