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hey everyone, havent fished for 15 years out in the boat because of my fishingbuddy passing but i found a new one. back then we tipped our body baits with worms, and thats all we used was bodybaits for the eyes. i heard of people catching them on spoons, back then no one did that.

15yrs ago we fished alot of spoons! But yeah, ripplin redfins with a worm strung across the trebles was a standby! Back then we used to catch them on anything! I can remember days when the fishing was so hot we would try absolutely anything! Classic salmon spoons like Alpena Diamonds and Bronte Flutter Spoons used to take alot of 'Eyes for us! Can even remember a day when I put down musky sized 7.5" Bomber Long A Mags and limited out.............

Guaranteed the old faithful presentations will still work today, trends just change from year to year.............

When we use to flat line for the eye's off Burwell all we ever used were Maguum Canadian Wiggers/red and white and off course tipped with a big juice dewy. In the 80's you could easily get a four man limit in an evening fish from 5-9. We would stop when someone hook an eye and the rest would reel in. Normally one or two of the guys reeling in hooked up with an eye too. The schools of walleye were massive, and the best part was that most fish were taken in 40-55fow. The average was about 6 lbs, but we did bring in some monsters that tipped the scales a 13 lbs. Seems like yesterday.

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alright thanks for the great help guys! the son and i went out today for a couple hours. headed to burwell, we got set up around 5:30, lost 2 right off the start. we set out with 2 dipsy and 2 lead cores. 7 colour back , and 10 colour back. we hit a double header in around 62-63 ft of water, greasy chicken wing, and canadian wiggler with a big dew. lost a couple more, then a nice bow took my dipsy, so if you find a dipsy out there i wouldnt mind it back. but overall a great day with the new fishing buddy. oh and we hooked a small 2 lb salmon we think, in about 50 ft of water off the canadian wiggler.
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