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Special thank you to Noel of kingfishers.My boat broke down today out west of burwell with no response for help on 68 I called kingfisher on my cell he sent one of his customers out to get us special thanks to him and his two young sons for their help.also I would like to personally thank the 4 boats who went right bye us while we were paddling in I sure hope you never need help and someone dose the same to you.remember what goes around comes around.I know there is a lot of good guys out there who help in a heartbeat Ive towed guys in my self anyway boat goes in the shop tomorrow hope they can get to the bottom of the problem. once again Thanks Noel really appreciated Harold.aka Double H
Sorry to hear about your engine problems. Its very disappointing your requests for aid went unanswered. Was there no one reply back to you on 68? Hope your boat is in the water soon.

Our engine failed 3 miles out tonight too, luckily we had a kicker. Guess people are just too busy to lend you a helping hand.... At least the lake was calm for you.

Did you try calling the Coast Guard??? Channel 16 or *16 on your cell phone...;)
jammer i didnt need to call the coast guard as i was never in danger worse case my buddy would of been home around three and he would of came and help tow me in .but if i was in trouble i would have called them
There is two codes to use the coast guard...

PAN PAN... non life threatening situation... boat breaks down or runs out of gas... they tow you in... NO CHARGE...

MAY DAY... life threatening situation... They come rescue you... NO CHARGE...

Anybody that goes off shore should know this... It could save your life...;)
Hey double h ......sorry to hear what happened to you like you said maybe the 4 boats that drove by ya will need help someday !

jammer............ very good things to be aware of and if I could add to that , you can also call #911 , friend of mine is an OPP officer and on the search & rescure team in North Bay , they also go out and rescure broke down boater all the time, he told me if your boat ever breaks down just call they will send a team out to get ya and tow you in ....................apps
I was told that if they tow you in because you ran out of gas there will be a fee to pay ! A tax on stupidity so to speak ? Also they will tow you to the nearest marina not one of your choosing.
It's a shame that we have become too busy with ourselves that we can't help others !
Double H we are all going to be in the same situation at some time, and we all need to help each other. If you call the coast guard on channel 16 you can ask for assistance and they will relay that request to boaters in the area. They can reach many more boaters this way.
Just because a person buys a boat and some rods it, doesn't mean he's a fisherman. If we,as fishermen continue to help each other, our sport will flurish and these others will see and follow us.

Jammer is right, the Radio Operators Card that one receives after taking the VHF course outlines that PAN PAN is a call on channel 16 for help, not life threating (that is a MAYDAY).

So if battery is dead, outa gas, that kind stuff use channel 16 PAN PAN.

Many times i have my radio set only to 16, not in scan mode (too much chatter mnay times), just waiting for a call for help. If someone is calling and calling on channel 68 or other, people like me aint nessesarily listening. By law, channel 16 should be monitored by all boats, and is monitored always by the coast guard. I will respond to a channell 16 call if I hear it and am close enough to assist.

This is a good lesson for all that have a VHF radio to take the course!!!! It is not a money grab like many think, it is very valuable, and may save your life, or someone elses.

But I have to ask, you were paddling your boat, were you trying to wave down passer bys? Or do you carry flares? Possibly you could have lit one up as a boat was approaching to get their attention.
Correct me if I am wrong but I thought a boater is required by law to assist another boater in distress [?]

Probably 10 years ago now or more but I remember when Packrat and I were sitting ducks on the water after our engine went kaput.. same scenario 2-3 boaters just kept on going.

Another boat showed up with 2 elderly guys.. they brought us in and gas money was offered, they refused despite our insistance.. long story short they invited us back out for the silver bass. We didn't really wanna impose. Again they were more than accomodating.

If I ever get a boat of my own.. I will certainly repay the many acts of assistance Packrat and I recieved.
Start writing down hull numbers people cause it's the law to stop!!

Pleasure craft operators are required by law to come
to the aid of fellow boaters in distress:
- When operating your craft you are required to
maintain a look-out for signals that indicate
a fellow boater is in distress or need of assistance
- If you are involved in a collision, you are obligated
by the Criminal Code of Canada to stop and
offer assistance to the other boater
- If you identify any persons found at sea and in
danger of being lost, your are required by the
Canada Shipping Act to help that person, so long as
it doesn’t put your own craft and passengers at risk

I had to help tow in a 20ft inboard last summer at bayfield because no one would stop to give aid ....did I mention I towed it a 1/2 mile with my kayak?
Yes, it is law that you a boater MUST respond to other boaters in distress. ALWAYS! Many may not realize that, but I think even in the regular boaters course that this is mentioned.

It comes back to making sure a passing by boat knows someone is in distress! I usually stay clear of other boats when I am heading back to a marina, and normally am not gawking long enough at other boats while I am bootin by at 35 MPH to see if they are paddling for exercise, or paddling for bad reason. I would probably see someone ith arms waving to flag me down though.
Bassmaster you are correct waving your arms in a crossing manner is an international sign of distress and boaters are obligated to respond. But who is there to police this? Good people will always help. Perhaps the jerks that passed by becaues their lives are so important, will breakdown and be aided by a passerby ,this is how we show them the need to help each other.
Yea my wife tells me that I have a habit of minding my own business to the point that I wouldn't see somone paddling either but I would never pass an obviouse signal like waiving hands or paddles. This is a good reminder to myself that I should make an effort to be more observant for my fellow boaters. The thought of four boats going by without stoping is rather sickening.

Gone fishing, be back at dark-thirty!
Its true you are supposed to stop in boat or car its the law. Just a very hard law to enforce

A bad days fishing better than good days work.
One day the guys that passed you will need help and get it from one of us. They will never feel the same again. Makes me wonder who past you bye.
Well boys the boat is fixed. it was the stator was gone hopefully that is the end of the problem.Time to fish again see yahs on the water.Thanks for the replys and happy boating!
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