Starting out dipsey or leadcore


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Seeing the post start about next year already. Looking to setup for walleye. Which route would be the best to go. Not looking to dive in all at once but get my feet wet. Looking at setting up dipsey or leadcore which route would you recommend starting with.
Also looking at mounting either a wood board or aluminum piece across the back of the boat to hold rod holders as space is limited. Also so I can take it off when we are. Not trolling. See pic below.
Any advice appreciated 6E9A407D-4E9D-424F-BB4E-F324619AA9AF.jpeg


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I started out with lead core and now over the years have gotten dipsy's. The nice thing about the lead core is once you purchase the rod, reel and line that's all you need whereas dipsy's you need all listed above plus the cost of the dipsy. I like using both but it doesn't get much easier then lead core. Since lead core doesn't pull too hard you could use a gunnel style mount on your boat for rod holders. I use them on my boat for lead core and they work great. (Scotty gunnel mount)


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Same as @Josh Roelofsen. I started off with dipsys a few years ago and still prefer them over the leadcore. They cost about the same to get set up other than the 20 bucks the dipsy itself costs.


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Both work well. The only nice thing about the dipsey rods is that the rig can be used for other trolling such as snap weights, jet divers and other diving devices or flat lining with a fluoro leader, so there is more flexibility. That's probably where I'd start. That said, I'd add leadcore to the spread just as soon as I can because 5 and 7 colour lead off inline boards just creams pickerel on Erie and is very user friendly.


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Like many others, started with adding dipsys, boat came with two riggers (complete) and two rods.

Last year added lead core. Based on results, I'm going to add two 5 colour rods for 2019 to get better usage out of my inline boards.

Never put them in the water this year, but after watching the way someone else used lead core and boards this year, I realize it can be a very effective tool.


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8/9 colour lead is torture to bring in, a lot less line out with a dipsy. The lead does work better with the waves though especially on boards. Hard call. To be honest the next couple years are going to be so good you can’t go wrong with either. Go do what interests you the most.
Just from my experience it depends on where you plan on fishing. For me I find 9/10 times at Burwell dispeys our fish leadcore. Where at the end of the point it’s the complete opposite with leadcore taking most of the fish


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I love using my dipsy’s for both Erie and Ontario. Have to say leadcore worked great for me this year on Erie off my big boards. If you can have both I think it is well worth the investment.

If you wanted to put something across the back, find a good welder to make you a bar that you can mount the rod holders to and makes bases as well.
As others have said, get some gunnel clamp rod holders.

Waldo peters

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2018 was my first year. I spent winter '17, '18 finding deals. I got 6 rod holders for $50 for all. 3 brand new lead core rods reels spooled with 8 color for $50 each new. I ran 1 on either side on a church planner and 1 out back. Easy to do. Easy to use. This year I plan on getting 2 dipsy setups for the front of the boat. I would recommend with lead (or steel as I'll be looking into changing lead to steel line this winter) 2 rods straight back to get the feel of it and see what you like. All preference.

Ryan Bambach

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I have run pretty much everything. In the boat at any one time I will have 2 lead core rods (10 and 11 colours), 2-wire dipsy rods (these I run at Lake Ontario but they were great on Erie this year too), 2-50lbs braid dipsy rods (these are my combination dipsy/jet diver rods). I also have my two mono down rigger rods. The absolute largest fish I catch year after year have always been on the lead core rods 400+ feet behind the boards! The dipsy brought in ALOT of fish this year BUT I started to use the Dreamweaver Tripz Jets and had amazing results off of them...almost better than the dipsys! What I did my last trip out was segment my lead core line. I now have it setup for 3 colours then 150ft of braid then the rest of the colours. What this allows me to do is run 3 colours with deep diving cranks (bandits, husky or R20's) I run those off the offshore boards and have been doing it too on Quinte this fall and it works great!

All in all the best bang for your buck would probably be two dipsy rods with 50lbs braid so you can run dipsy's BUT what it will also allow you to do is run 2 or 3 oz snap weights or even bigger if you want and then run them on boards! which makes for a great multi purpose rod combo!

Good luck...Ryan

Cam Reeves

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I did my first trolling trip on erie last year. The boat i was on had both dipsy and lead core. After that trip I fell in love with lead core. Tying on the leaders seems to be a little more difficult rather than just tying regular knots to a dipsy but the over all ease of use with lead core is a no brainer. We also seemed to catch more on the lead. If i was going to set up a boat i would start with a lead core then add dipsys to push the other lines off to the side.
Has anyone tried a lead core set up off of a canoe or kayak? Wondering how it would work for lakers in the back country. I know the drag from a dipsy would make it hard but i feel there is less resistance on the leadcore.


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I like 2 leadcores with clipon planners with rods pointing all most straight up( you see the bite on the boards not the rods). Then 2 dipseys with rods pointing down at the water. That gives you lots of spread and less tangles. At least 1 rod with a ripplin red fin on, either gold or chrome. Detachable board a good idea at least till you figure out how you like your boat.


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If you can only get 2 rods going... I'd do one dipsey with 30lb hivis braid... Can also use that rod for jets, cookies, flatline, rigger...

I'm not a fan of segmented leadcore but if I was pushed... I'd have a centre (chute) rod holder and on a 45 series reel... Fluro lead 3 colors 200' braid... 2 colors... 50' braid... 2 colors... 50' braid... 3 colors... Backing... 30lb hivis backing...

Now you have 2 rods that act like 9...

You don't need high end gear but buy quality...

Never limit yourself... Nobody started with 20 rods... ;)

Here's a few pics of my very simple but effective boat setup... FB_IMG_1544188883055.jpg FB_IMG_1544188998480.jpg FB_IMG_1544189022800.jpg

King Joe

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Yeah, as Cam Reeves asked, I am working through all these options for my Yak. For sure, pulling A single dipsey, size feel it on a literally slows and pulls the yak to one side. I have to have the rudder against the pull and single paddle also against the pull (actually, because of using dipseys, I carry a canoe paddle that I use when trolling in addition to my double yak paddle), I have not tried double dipseys though do do double jets. I'm a strong guy....maybe not that strong to pull double dipseys. IF weighted lines get the depth of at least a 0 dipsey....without the drag. I think I am in for adding a set up to the collection. Like Jammer said, nobody started with 20 rods....HAH.

King Joe


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I would like to start with one or the other don’t really want to put a huge investment out right away. As for the welder to make up a mount for the rod holders that’s not a problem I know a guy 😏 that can help there. So it seems like everyone has a lot of good to say about both types of rods so it really seems like it up to me really. Thanks for all the input it is much appreciated. If any one knows where a guy could find a couple used rods in good shape I’m looking.
Dipsy and Lead core..........perfect, you are fishing. Guys complain about reeling in 9-10 lead.........I dont, my Penns make it easy(320,s). I have used a few high speed retrieve reels on friends boats that are laborious. 5,s and 7,s are a great start for lead core and will reach walleye all season...........segmented lines are not for me, tried them but nope, I use big boards and cant have lead hanging. With braided dipsy rods you can run alot of different options................I fished with a pro(charter) this past summer, he ties swivels(and lures) direct to his braid.... and used lead core ,with no mono! No Shit! We caught out limit no time!!! Makes me really try to justify the cash I lay out for invisible fluorocarbon and so on.