St. Williams Thurs. report

Fish Farmer

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My son and myself was out at St. Williams, strait out across the 2 cracks about a 1/4 mile and a little west of the main trial and caught about 50, biggest was 13 1/2" My other buddy caught his limit. The Big ones swam in fast and left, you were lucky to catch one.

Red Hering

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Fish Farmer,Nice Catch!!Those big Perch are quite fun to catch,especially when you watch them take your bait below the hole.My one problem that I have is,I set the hook on a Perch too early,thinking that it has taken the bait,but to my surprise they are very quick to spit the bait back out again.[:(!]I can`t wait to get back out there again,to give the Perch another go.Thank-You for posting your day on the Hard Water.Enjoy.8D