so much for today

Goose Egg

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we spent the night in simcoe with a number of people --- jimmy called early enough to tell us not to bother coming down --- but we made the drive anyways --- had to see just the same -- no way no how was it going to be fishing for us --- couldnt see anything for blowing snow and the road wasnt even cleared to get to old cut ---- oh well -- another day I guess. Jimmy was saying this was his first ice cancellation ever ---- so you know it was nasty

Red Hering

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Goose Egg,it must of been nasty like you said for Jimmy to cancell.I thought that last Saturdays Perch Derby that I fished in was Brutal,with Gale Force Winds Warning for that day.But at least the roads were bare to travel on,so I was Lucky to have gotten out,on my own.Lets Hope that the ice will hang around just a bit longer,to enjoy the rest of the Hard Water Season.Good Luck to you and your friends,when the chance comes up,to go Fishing.8D