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Thankfully, the snowblower is working for me in London. There should be lots of water in the Thames watershed when all this melts...


Another snow day for me down here in St T. We didn't get as much as London yesterday. Today, different story. I had to clear a path for the dog to the back yard - about 1 1/2ft.

I'll be firing up the snowblower after I have my first cup or two of coffee. This must be what retirement is like (hmm,..., down to 28 days to go ;))

According to the radar, looks like we're going to get more,..., lots more.
I am not going to post a picture from the Caledonia area... but we have a light dusting:). Not even enough to fire up the snow blower! Amazing how the weather patern changes in a few miles down the 401. I'll consider ourselves lucky so far!
Yes...i live in Caledonia too and it was a shock when i traveled to Buffalo on Sunday....Gorgeous day in Cali and then what a mess at the east end of the lake!! I talked to on truck driver and he said that had orders to take 10,000 truck loads of snow out of the city!

Ddin't bother making the trip to London today either. After watching the fiasco in the parking lot yesterday and the drive home decided to stay put. As the saying goes...... 25% more in St Thomas ( in this case 25% less snow!).

Ken J

" Never mind if the horses are blind, just load the damn wagon"
Hey KJ,

looks like I`m off again tomorrow. Now, If we could only keep that snow streamer coming into London for another 27 work days,...
man its been snowing here for 3 days . I just spend 2 hours on the snow blower . I have seen enough already !!!!
A guy i work with is from Iran,he has only one eye .Not very familiar with snow or his new snowblower.He drove it into his shed, the auger sucked in a extension cord,and the then it stopped working when the jigsaw attached to the cord was jammed into the auger.
Another friend sucked in the solar lights with the cord attached.
Another ran over the Xmas ornaments on the edge of his laneway....he said there were candy canes flying out the top of the snowblower,nice.:)
Fishaholic,you work with these people...the one guys name is {hint} B**z.
I did not make it to work also Fishaholic

Its about 2.5 ft in this pic.I decided to move a little snow since i could not make it to work.

Hey Ken, we have 25% more fun on our snowdays.8D

Big Rod
Greeted this morning with another 16" or so of snow in London (and it continues to snow). I think a White Christmas is a slam dunk now. :D

For those of you thinking about buying a snowblower, I picked up a 2-stroke, single stage Toro Powerclear a couple of years ago at Home Depot. This snowblower has been doing a great job on all of the snow we've been dealt here in London. It's not great on the really wet snow or stuff piled at EOD (end of driveway) but handles 95% of what falls on my driveway. It's loud and not too enviromentally friendly, but, for me, has proven to be a cheap, reliable snowblower.
I got 4 years out of the same model, before I had to change a belt and it's good as new again. Great price. It's now 6 yrs old and my buddy has it... starts every time. Although they should sell em with free ear plugs
: )
I upgraded to a slighly bigger 4 stroke Toro (still with the neoprene blades), with electric start (gettin old & lazy).

I bought the new one before last winter and never used it... there was no snow ! I live in Burlington and still no snow this year... I still haven't used it.... but I bet I'd get a good buck for it where you guys live !
Sorry to hear about you London guys... gettin whacked bad eh ?

17' Tracker ProDeep V
from Burlington
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