Saturday Old Cut

Jimmy's new ice taxi amazing. Apparently too many overweight beer belly fisherman wrecked the old sled. Thinking of going on diet myself. 54 keepers between the two of us. 5-6 feet of water with lots of sorting and throw backs. Amazing weather in morning no wind lots of sunshine. Sure changed fast blizzard when we left and worst drive home to London yet.

I really hope no one got lost tonight. Never seen so many cars parked at Old Cut, glad I usually fish during the week.
Did better than us today...u fishin off old cut? we outta St. WIlly'z

Had ourselves turned around for a bit, nothing serious...Hoping everyone is in also! There were a few cars in the lot when we came in...hope the hubby isn't off to look for people again tonight...:)

Does anyone know how far out Jimmy's taxi will take you? EC10? and is it $10/person each way or do they bring you in as well for that price...just curious never used it and would like to go out to EC 10 with my portable hut and my 7 year old son for Rotten Ronnies perch derby in 2 weeks.....

AHHH The Fishin Life!
It is a bargain at $5 per person each way. He takes you where the best reports are and puts you beside or near his huts. Have fun next week. Make sure he hangs on!!
3 of us were out in my big green tent like hut we were going to take the taxi but my buddys couldn't wait any longer so we walked it.
out first stop was out near one of Jimmys huts (that he ended up moving) no luck so around noon we packed up and moved in closer to the cut set up bored a hole and man it was dark down there bored few more int the hut and next thing you know we were on. in just over an hour we pulled in 25 nice ones. we wanted to stay longer ut had to be on our way home for 3 we were close it was 315 when we made the truck. the snow on the ice made it a nasty walk back in. I need some cleats for sure.sorry no pictures of the catch.
Hi Skinny
glad you got into some we stayed at the same spot caught nothing but dinks that 1.5 pounder we seen when we 1st got there tricked us they never came back. sure was a nasty walk back. sure glad I took a compass bearing for the way back cause if the gps pooched we'd been walking circles in all that white
hey skinny thanks for the info on the taxi.asked the question about the taxi because myself and brother inlaw last week decided to take the taxi but got told to petty well sit on a snow bank untill I (jimmy)service my huts first.we decided to walk instead.was not happy about the service.
Hey Giller you honestly can't blame an outfitter for servicing his huts before he drives others out. I have used Jimmy's services in the past and honestly have more than satisfied with them.
I would like to say that we have always stated to everyone that the taxi service only starts once the hut rental clients are set up. Just the way it has to work. Sorry if you were dissapointed.


Jimmy Carroll
Jimmy Riggin' Fishing Charters
no wories from us Jimmy we just got there sooner than we thought so we walked out instead of waiting for the taxi. I was willing to wait my buddies were in a hurry maybe next time I will hitch a ride
Thanks for the update skinny.I have not been out on the Bay since Sunday January 30/11,because of the difficulty walking on the snow,that I had encountered,on that day,like yourselve(like you said,I need some cleats for sure).I like to pull my portable ice hut all over the place to try different spots,but the poor walking conditions really takes away a lot of the angling time,to get to those Honey-Holes;).The Fish are definetly there.Hopefully if the winds will not be too nasty this week,I would love to get back out there again,real soon.In the meantime,I am still looking at purchasing a pair of snowshoes,(they should be starting to go on the "end of the season sale",any time soon.8D

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