Sat AM Pt Bruce


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Headed out to 60 fow & set riggers back 100ft & down 35ft. Set dipsies back 110ft on a 3 setting. Soon had rods firing all day!! Started out using pink panties & anything with green. Pink panties picked up first Wally... a nice 6lber. Red & white dalmation workrd the best for bows. Ended up with 3 wallys & 3 bows for the day. Lost I don't know how many most of them bows. We did get watch a monster bows aerial display for us before he broke me off!!! All in all a great day on the lake:):p:D
Congratulations on your day on the Lake Saturday,fishman 11.It helps when the Lake is not as Lumpy & Bumpy as we encountered most of the morning fishing off Port Bruce last Friday.Saturday was more comfortable for calmer waves,for what I have read & seen so far,from Angler`s Posting`s from Saturday,& therefore some Angler`s were having much Greater Success such as youself.:)How fast were you trolling[?]I believe that I was trolling too slow on Friday,once a person catches a Farm Animal(sheephead),that is usually a first sign,plus I will set my lure further back behind the cannonball on my next trip out.You also got to Love It,when those Rainbows,do their Dancing(Aerial Display) On Top Of The Water,they are Hard To Control.:pMMM,Now,who would be Selling Those Pink Panties[?]LOL.Thank-You for posting.Good Luck to Everyone,On Their Next Trip Out.Catch Your Limit,But Limit Your Catch.;)

Hey Red Herring, I usually keep my speed between 2.6 & 3.2MPH on the GPS. I find this keeps alot of sheeps off but not Sat. We went about 20 for 20 on them Sat. LOL If nothing is firing then I will adjust my speed up or down to see if a different speed will work. @ weeks ago we got 5 eyes & 2 bows by changing speeds all day. 3 eyes were over 6lb, 1 was over 7lb & the smallest was 3lb so changing speed seemed to work. I buy all my lures at Angler outfitters outside Woodstock. Good luck on your next trip out.
fishman 11,Speed was definetly the main problem last Friday for the lack of fish in the Boat.I knew that,but why I stayed at a SLOW Speed,I don`t Know.My next outing will be various speeds,to see were the comfort zone is for Walleye`s/Rainbows.I have not been to Angling Outfitter`s for sometime now,but I will stop in the next time that I am Heading that way.Thank-You.Good Luck On Your Next Outing.

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