Sanibel Island Fishing Report


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I had the good fortune to spend March Break on Sanibel Island in south-west Florida. I didn't do any fishing myself, but ate my fair share of excellent seafood (grouper, flounder, yellow-fin tuna, shrimp). On an evening beach walk I witnessed a couple of locals land a bull shark (60 lbs.?) on the sand. I snapped a few photos.




I saw at least 20 minutes of a gruelling fight. Other fins appeared as the fish was coming in. I'm guessing the fight lasted at least 30 minutes. At the end, both the fish and fisherman were exhausted. This fish was released and swam away appearing fine. It was caught on a mackerel bait, 40 lb. test, 120 lb. leader. It was the 2nd such fish these boys had landed that evening. No one went swimming at the beach afterwards :).
Wow!! Great pics, would love to tangle with a big bull shark, gotta hit Florida one of these long cold winters!!!

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Hey stomp...i would have loved to have seen family spends a lot of time in the area...stay in cape coral but frequent sanibel/fort myers and cape coral beaches. We were at that beach twice last week swimmning....hmmm.....anyway with the kids we do a lot of fishing off piers and off the back deck! Have not been able to talk my wife into renting a boat down there yet...she thinks one up here costs enough as it is!:D
Hey trout,

Kicking myself for not having shot some video of the fight. I'll be more ready if I ever get the chance to go again. Maybe we should arrange for a Channel 6-8 charter down there next year? Our respective spouses/partners might not complain too much if the costs were divided 8D.
Stomp, that sounds like a plan. I have been told that I am not allowed to buy a boat down there until i twenty years!!! Until then, a 6-8 charter might work......never caught a shark but it probably is a little tougher than a jumbo or a rolling log of a walleye out of erie!
.Hey Stomp........,I hung out on Sanibel alot in the early 90,s great place to eat !!!! fished off shore and did some sea trout fishing...what place did you stay at? The last big storm did alot of rebuilding.....8D
Hey blackdog, yes, lots of good eats. Stayed at "Ocean's Reach" condos. Right on the beach and very nice set-up for a family. Not cheap.
stomp,it sounds like you had an excellent time down in Florida with your Family.Thank-You for sharing your adventure with photos.I love eating seafood,because there is so much different variety of fish there to enjoy.I believe the Bull Shark is one of the most feared Shark around.I will make sure that I will avoid that Beach area for swimming,the next time I am in Florida.-lol.8D

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