Pt Stanley/ Bruce Sat am


Bruce Graham

Trolled the 60 to 65 area about halfway between the 2 ports. Ended up with 8 eyes and 1 bow, the lake was as flat as you will see it. Was checked by a couple of co's who pulled up and stayed up front of the boards and really were just counting rods vs people with a licenses and were not there to be a nusance. I just wish they would spend some more of there efforts checking the comercial guys.
The way the weather looks it might have been a good end to a great summer on the lake

:(next time you go by the tug ill expalin the ways of the lake ok:(and how it was saved in the 60/s by comercial fishermen
8D[|)]Saved by the commercial fishermen in the 60's? No need to wait for him to go by the tug, tell him right here, because I am interested to hear how they saved the commercial fishery too! [xx(]:p

We got stopped by the CO's last night as well, they were quite respectful and pleasant, checked out licence and rods and fish count, and never made us skip a beat, "keep on trolling we will follow you on port side", handed our licence in their little telescopic pole.

Ended up 8 eyes and 1 bow as well, lost just as many.


A CO came up to me as we were getting ready to recover the boat at Port Bruce & just shot the crap for a few minutes. Asked how we done but didn't ask to see in the cooler or see our licences.
Not that I was worried as we sure didn't have to many fish & we both have licences.
Fisherman I guess some people are guilty of painting everyone with the same brush. I appear to be guilty of that in this case. I believe there are many responsible tug operators who are respectfull of the lake. I hear stories of the tugs dumping the big walleye and the big perch. I don't know if its true, but if its not, here is your oportunity to speak to the issue.

I would also like to know how the commercial fisherman saved the lake in the 60s do tell,you hear of overfishing by the commercials all the time and they get a slap on the wrist,overharvest PULL their liscence .
rumor has it the only reason they were checking is that someone heard of 1 guy with 16 to 18 fish in there busted,thats worse than a murder charge.[B)] its just what we here at the ramp
Originally posted by erie feeln

rumor has it the only reason they were checking is someone heard of 1 guy with 16 to 18 fish in there possesion.busted thats worse than canidian murder charge.[B)]just what we here at the ramp

He woulda been one busy boy ;P

The CO's have a slip rented in Pt.Bruce and have been out for acouple weeks checking guys out , we got checked out on tuesday aug. 11 so they have been out spending some of our money lol...............apps
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