Plenty of land for hunting


Gentlemen, I live up in Huron County close to the Brussels area with permission on thousands of acres of hunting land. I have between 30-40 treestands up for bowhunting depending on the crop rotation. I have a 2400 square foot hunt camp built on my property with a walk in cooler/butcher shop. I am unique in that I have the ability to hunt 4/5 days a week and most times I need more than myself to cover certain areas of the properties for deer movement. This is where you guys come in?? I recently purchased a 22ft starcraft that I outfitted with riggers, helix 7, fish hawk etc. I had a health scare from work almost 2 years ago that saw me outta commission for almost a year as far as hunting etc went. So I wanna use my time to the max now instead of waiting til retirement to buy a boat and get out. Been out twice on Ontario and we went 7 for 8 on lakers and salmon. Walleye is what we love eating in our household so I wanna concentrate on Erie til I put my boat in Huron at Port Elgin later this summer for the remainder of the fishing season. So I am putting this out there in hopes that anyone looking for places to hunt (with me of course) for either deer or turkeys will wanna exchange some fishing time for hunting time? I have a boat and am willing to travel with it down to Erie. So I have a spare seat or two depending on my buddies or even just a pointer would be nice? If you hunt trust me I am the guy you wanna come see in the fall. Spring as well for turkeys but my season usually last 2 or 3 days then I spend May helping buddies fill their tags. Message me if you think we could work something out?


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Wait wait wait. You're looking for someone to come fishing with you, on your boat, kitted out with your gear? And in exchange for this "favour" you're going to take them hunting?? So you're just like a hunting and fishing sugar daddy? Do we have to put out?


Joking aside - I take it you're looking for someone with solid Erie experience to go out a few times. There are a few guys here who have their own boat but will take an open seat for the company. My best suggestion is to watch the forum and get involved in the discussion as there's TONS of Erie wisdom shared here. Post dates when and where you plan to hit Erie and say that you're looking to fill open seats with experienced folks. I'm sure you'll have a few folks take you up (I've done it in the past, although I'm not one of the better Erie trollers out there) with or without coming up for a hunt. Its a solid offer - just saying you likely don't need to sweeten the pot!
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