Old Cut Friday January 28,2011

Red Hering

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After such an excellent day on Wednesday January 26/11,I could not wait to get back out onto the ice again.Well,what a difference a couple days later can make.I did my usual walk out to Jimmy`s Hut`s,a little later then normal,and apparently missed the early bite.A small school of Perch did eventually show up,after I got set-up,but you had to be quick to get your line back down the hole,because they where here & gone before you knew what happened.I moved my portable Hut a couple more times to try other spots,but no luck at all.I ended up leaving around 2:30 p.m.,(the wind was starting to pick-up more speed),so I decided to make my way back to the Old Cut.The walking there and back was a lot harder today then Wednesday,about 4 inches of fresh snow,on top of the ice.All & all,it was good to get out again,and only ended up with 6 keeper`s.Well,hopefully the Perch will be Hungry again real soon.Good Luck to Everyone8D