Off Topic Musky info and or tips!?


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I'm freshly getting into musky fishing with my boy, we got our rods and reels and line in the mail, also known as "Musky Mail"
Should have thought twice about jumping into another species to take on, with the 2 outfits where darn near $800. We have "BONDY BAITS" for right now , dropped another decent chunk down on lures. Great place, great owner, located in Maidstone, Ontario.
65lb braid. one, 8.6ft xxh rod, and the other is an 8ft xh ..
Reel is diawa lexa 400hs-p. high speed retrieve.
Lake i will be going out on is well known for muskies. Lake St.Clair. i've only been out there ice fishing, and not really normal fishing for that matter.
I am hoping some friendly information about locating these beast, to tips and tricks anyone would have to offer up, Patients is going to come into play, just would like to see my kid catch one.
Interested in maybe a common fishing area , not exact, i can find fish. If i can get pointed in the right direction...
Any information on open season habitats and summer and fall patterns,,

Lure choices and for what conditions, colors , presentation to the fish with certain baits.

Any information would be greatly appreciated

Josh Roelofsen

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If your completely new to the Musky game spend the money on a reputable charter or two and you'll save yourself ALOT of wasted money in gas, tackle and fishless hours...

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