Long Point Park Boat Launch

With the increased water depth this year boaters have decided to leave the launch at full speed and return at full speed. The entrance to the park is blind and very narrow, there are always small boats and canoes in the area immediately outiside the park. It is just a matter of time before there is a serious collision. It takes only a few minutes to go out and return at a slow speed.
Well said,lonestranger.It is scary to watch them flying like missiles going out & in,and Yahooing it up at the same time.[:(!]It would not hurt to write down a comment & putting it in the suggestion Box,when a person that Boats & Cares about Safe Boating,leaves the Park.;)

We have the same problem over on Old Cut Point Channel. As we know it doesn't take alot of smarts to get your Boat Operators Card, too bad they don't make you take a commonsense test but the worst part is a lot of them own cottages further in and should know better. Maybe once an accident happens or they get the bill for having to dredge out the channels they might clue in ?
Regarding the Old Cut. In previous years with low water, the normal take off was just past the last boathouse(green). If you didn't get on plane there, you ran the risk of hitting bottom further out.

So it is common practice to start to go on plane right after the last boathouse. Same thing with coming in drop off before the first boathouse. I have dropped off earlier and have hit something down there.

One solution doesn't fit all. Common sense . Watch out for other boaters before you start to go on plane.
Keeper ,Old Cut Longpointer was referring to the real Old Cut Channel on Old Cut Blvd. not the one by Ferris's Marina on Rogers Ave.
The channel where the marinas[Old Cut Livery and Posts] is actually called Dickerson's Channel. The "Cut" of 1837 is of course the "Old Cut" and allowed water from Lake Erie to flow through into the Inner Bay. It was approx. 10-15 feet deep and stretched approx. from where #59 hwy. & Old Cut Blvd. is today out past the Old Prov.Park. West Pine Ave. area. It took about 30 years or so for it to start to fill in when another mammoth storm broke through what is known as the "New Cut"[cira 1865] Which was approx. from Howey Ave to where the road to the WMU Feeding Area is and was 20 feet in depth but narrower then the original Cut.
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