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Okay guys, no one will answer my question regarding bag limit for 2011, so here is another question: are you allowed to hunt layout from shooting point? If so, how far off can you put the layout and decoys?
Yes, you can hunt from a layout boat if you're at a shooting point. Your dekes can be as far out as you want, but the layout boat must be no more than 40 m from the stake.
As Dave said....Yup and I have done it... But...It does raise some eye-brows from the boat and blind folks. Make sure your being fair about where you put the tender. You don't want to cut off another spot with the tender. Some of them shooting points are very close to other blind locations.
Great reply, I am thinking about building an eight footer layout boat this summer. Thanks for the info.
While We are on the subject of Layout and the Unit... For the life of Me I can not figure out the reluctance of the LPW to entertain methods of making open water hunting more available. In the "good old days" there were several "floating blinds" put out in Coletta Bay to take advantage of Bay Ducks when they were in. Why not make some positions available for either a Layout rig or floating boat blind rig in open water??? Think of a stake just off of 31 or 25 past the rice line within 300 meters. You could either hunt the stake or the orginal weedline position. Or...move 37 off of the Island and back into the bay marked by just a post. I have suggested this several times in the past and it seems to ruffle feathers enought that it is just a "NO way".
From what I have got on this topic is that with all the traffic that is in the bay in the fall a floater would be to much of a liability issue,
Perhaps a floating blind would be a liability issue, but a stake or two out in open water with a flashing light on top, as per Lpgar's suggestion, wouldn't be one and would greatly enhance opportunities to hunt diving ducks the "old fashioned way".
the subject of floaters has come up as well as shooting stakes in the bay on several occasions in the past few years . The liability issue always comes up like Matt said . One thing to remember is that in the good old days we did not have the boat traffic in the bay that we have now with the perch fishng . The park is worried about a boat driving into one of the floaters or a shooting stake in open water .It was suggested once to put floaters in B zone but the B zone hunters were against that they wanted to be able to set up were they want. You can of course set up your layout boat in B zone .Being a member of the blind committee i will bring up this topic again and we can have some preliminary talk with the park and maybe lay some ground work for the future . The last time we talked about a floater we talked about one right at the edge of the wild rice out in front of 40 about 100 yards from the cut through the rice into that bay . Somewhere in that area it should be far enough from 34 and 37 and with it being right on the edge of the rice it should not be hazzard to boat traffic .

Another, perhaps simpler solution would be to allow hunters at certain stakes to hunt up to 200 meters from the stake as long as long as that doesn't put them any closer to an adjacent stake or blind and they are out in open water. Stakes 17 and 33 would be possibilities.
Even if it's only certain stakes I feel if you start letting hunters move off of the stakes for divers your starting on a slippery slope. Then you will have guys saying the mallards are flying 70 yards behind 35 going into that hole why cant I hunt there if noones in 37, when the diver guys can hunt up to 200 meters from there stake.
In all honestly if you are hunting out of a layout boat why wouldnt you want to shoot where the ducks are?
Theres many places in the bay that fill up with birds and they sit there for weeks and noone hunts them. We do after our spots are shot up and have great shoots till freeze up.
Agreeing with Dave for sure...there are lots of ways that more open water opportunities could be increased if there was some "change" and more possitive thinking on the subject. Seems the "it has always been that way" attitude runs deep on this subject.

The Bay is criss crossed with hazards in the markers....mooring poles for commercial duck hunting outfitters...ect. I am unsure how 3 or 4 reflectively marked mooring poles could be considered a liabilty.

I am sure that some idea could be done to make 25...31...34...37....35...17....more attractive to those are rigged to hunt the open water. Particualarly now that the rice line is over 150 yards into the bay.
How would you make 35 more attractive?
Its on the inside. and 17? its the farthest point out. I ask because im on the blind committee and feed back is alway a postive thing when trying to run the marsh blinds to please the majority of the public.
there is not an "it has always been that way" attitude i have been hunting long point for 35 years and have seen lots of change . We are open to all suggestions and give them all consideration but unfortunately we are unable to get all of them approved .It is important to remember as i have said before the LPWA can only make suggestions and again unfortunatly insurance and liability issues are a big issue with the park .


There already are different rules for stakes vs blinds, e.g., 3 hunters vs 2 hunters, and different rules for "A" and "B" Zones, but so what? The "slippery slope" arguments is just a way of trying to avoid making changes.

Sure, there are other places to hunt divers at Long Point, but that's irrelevant to whether or not the LPWMA should attempt to improve the hunting opportunities for diver hunters. Allowing hunters to hunt farther from the stake / vegetation would be a simple way to do that and it would not affect the marsh hunters and wouldn't be a liability issue, either.

Instead of thinking about why it "won't work", try thinking about how to make it work.
I will bring up the topic of improving opportunities for diver shooting at the next meeting .

Interesting topic ? How many times myself or my brother have sat at #17 watching the birds skirt by out of range. A layout boat would have made all the difference.

I hope LPGar will rent his out ? Or maybe the LPWA could ? A two tier price for members vs. non-members ?
Originally posted by kicks

I will bring up the topic of improving opportunities for diver shooting at the next meeting .


Thanks, Glen!
#35....easy....shoot the west side of the island instead of the east.

But glad that positive discussion can make issues noticed and change could be accepted. Certainly not been my experience since I brought up this subject 10 years ago.

OCLP....renting could be arrange *wink*
Trust me Dave im all for change but sometimes blinds are in good spots and it is the hunter that needs to adapt, learn to call, hide there boat better, have better decoys for diver and so on.
For birds skirting the outside of your rig. Thats diver hunting special at a heavy presured spot. I guess from now on i will just keep my mouth shut because apparently you old man are to stubborn to think that someone half or a third of your age knows how to kill duck. Every time i write something I get **** from certain people and am sick of it. You hunt the unit 3 times a year kill 5 ducks and think you know what your talking about because you have money, get real. You want a better oppertunity to kill birds LEARN HOW TO HUNT. I joined the directors cause i thought it would be fun instead we do all the work and get no thanks from anyone outside the officers just bitch at by a bunch of rich cottagers. happy hunting.
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