Jigging for walleye in the detroit river


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just looking for info on fishing for eyes .heard colchester area was good wondering about location of boat ramp where to stay ect.. any info would be great.Remember seeing some great pictures last season.
Big Rod is the local expert on the West End and Detroit River and I'm sure he will weigh in on your question in good time. In the meantime, I'll offer my two cents worth...

Detroit River action is basically early April to late May. You can launch at Lasalle (South of Windsor)to fish the lower river or Lakeview Park Marina at the East End of Windsor to fish the upper river. I have fished both but kind of prefer the lower end. You need a good bow mount motor or boat control will be nearly impossible in the current and winds. You will want heavy jigs for starters (3/4 oz is common) and 3-4" gulp or finesse minnows with stinger hooks. You will also want to have a Michigan fishing license with you since the Canadian side is offten muddy after a big wind which almost forces you to fish the US side. This fishing is quite a challenge and takes a few trips to get the hang of it. In all honesty, it would be best to spend the $$ on a guide to show you the ropes the first time, I wish had done so since it would have saved me days of wasted time and fuel messing around. Big Rod has an ad on this site and I am sure he would show you a good time. Keep in mind that many of the big fish you catch are females and the future of our fishery. Although you are well within your right to keep them, careful realease of the big girls is probably the best idea. There are tons of motels in Windsor to pick from. Lots of guys stay at the ABC Motel on Dougall Ave. It's not fancy but they are boat and fisherman friendly and there's ususally some good company at the end of the day.

Colchester action picks up late May. Typically, guys troll with in-line planer boards and bottom bouncers with worm harnesses early on. As the fish get a bit deeper or you find them suspended you can use snap weights instead of the bottom draggers and some guys also run "Reefrunner" diving plugs with good success. This fishing is easier to figure out than the river but again, the $$ spent on a guide the first time would probably be worthwhile. You can Launch right at Colchester harbour. It's a great marina with a bait and tackle shop and restaurant on site. You can stay at Adam's Golden Acres Motel in Kingsville, again, nothing fancy but very accomodating and lots of good company.

I'm sure lots of others will add some good pointers too as both these places are really popular places in the spring. I am relatively new to both these places too but have done okay so far and plan on getting back at it real soon!


G.Mech Excellent article about the technique to fish the Detroit River for Walleyes.;)Nice to also read about promoting the realease of females to protect the future of our Fishery,it is a positive thing to do,to help the future Anglers(kids,etc.).;)I personelly have never fished the Detroit River,I have heard about it throughout the years,by Big Rod & yourself & others.It is also nice to know that there will be good company around,for a Tourist/Angler like myself,that has never been in that neck of the woods for the Fishing.I have always Traveled up to Georgian Bay & the French River over the years,for the Walleyes,Muskies,Bass etc.& I will continue to do so.I love the scenery & a lot of the structure type fishing that it has to offer in the North Country.Also,a nice picture of the Walleye that you have posted.Good Luck in your Future Outings.Thanks-Again,the Detroit River sounds like a lot of Fun,and also a bit of a Challenge.8D

I hope to be fishing walleyes this weekend.Not a good opening weekend at the cottage in Colchester,dishwasher seal leaking,gas fireplace thermostat worked when it wanted to,need a new toilet.
When i get "the list" done late Sat i am heading to the rvr.
All ramps are open on the rvr,the rvr is mud,Erie is mud,L.S.C.is mud.If the Thames and the feeder creeks on the south end of L.S.C. clear up by the weekend it should be fishable by Sat.If we get a lot of north wind Friday it will screw things up on our side of the rvr.
Saw 4 Bald Eagles on Peche Island Sat morning,here is a pic of the Lasalle ramp,it was the only ramp with ice left.

Hey G.Mech,did your son catch that hawg where the photo was shot ?

Big Rod
Big Rod, the boy got three almost like that in our first half out out there last year in that very spot (they all went back in)...I won't tell you what I got but there was no live release involved and the livewell remained empty[B)]. Just checking the date on the photo, it was April 2 so I stand corrected when I said mid April in my previous post. Good news is, now I can plan to hit Lasalle two weeks earlier than I was thinking!!

Good luck and maybe we'll see you on the river in a couple of weeks.
Thank you very much for all the info.greatly appreciate it just want to get out on the water .We mostly fish out of out of Port Bruce for eyes in July and in spring usually northerns at Bluff Bar Long Point Bay.
April 2 was a good day last year:)Say hello if you see me on the water,good luck.Keep bringing your son:D hehe.....he must of had a good teacher.


Big Rod
Tell you what Stomp, you come with me and I'll send the boy with BR so Chip can get skunked... I am sick and tired of him... here's another one from further up river the same day. I take him everywhere so he can outfish me. Just doesn't seem right...on the other hand, if he wasn't with me we'd go home empty handed most days:)
At least his mother loves him and I guess I do too, but he needs to learn a bit of respect!!

I can make the worst fisherman look good. Just ask Big Dave. Nice fish the lad is holding!
Hi everyone....New to the site.

Has anyone been down to the Detroit river area yet?
I have never fished here but am real interested to learn/try it.

The rvr still has lots of ice floating around.

Big Rod
Thanks Stomp[:eek:)]. Even you would have caught a limit of perch last year, you quit cause you didnt want to clean 300 fish!

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