Fishing Report Jiggin the "D" Nov 12


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Got an anxious-sounding PM from @Three Bouys about a possible trip with @Chasneyes to the "D"-etroit River planned for today. Got down on my hands and knees at home and received permission to go:notworthy::LOL::love:. Met up with the boys at 6:00 a.m. for a run to LaSalle. Now November 12th seems either really late or really early for jiggin the "D", but I missed a shot down there this spring, and I had a new St. Croix jigg'in stick I was anxious to try out, so I was pumped to go regardless of the date.

Hit the river around 9 at Gil Maure Park @ LaSalle and we were soon fishing nearby. Wind and temperature were both better than expected but the water was muddy and the fishing was slow. @Chasneyes did land a Gizzard Shad early on. He later showed us how to jig up a nice "D" walleye. We had a few hits and I hooked one that felt good, but, whatever it was, it shook off after a brief fight. That was it. Quit at noon and heard reports that fishing was slow on LSC too. Really nice day and was very happy get out with @Three Bouys with us both as guests of @Chasneyes aboard his decked out Ranger.

Gizzard Shad

Nice "D" 'eye

My 91 year-old in-laws will soon be enjoying a nice fresh meal of walleye. And now I can't wait for winter to be over so I can get back down to the "D"(y). Thanks for a great late-season day on the water!
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Did a little more Google research. What was caught yesterday surely looks to be Gizzard Shad.
The fish story above has been corrected.

Click here for Cisco Info from the Michigan Sea Grant.

Click here for Gizzard Shad Info from the Michigan Sea Grant.
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