ice fishing over?


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Hi all... I've been away since Mar 2nd..coming home on Thurs... Was just reading recent posts,& no 1 seems to be talking about ice fishing lately..Can any1 tell me about what to expect when I get home?

If Cans r flyin,they will b dyin...
canslayer,simps is right about the rain,there was a lot of it over the last weekend,plus milder above zero temperatures,for a couple of days.For that reason I have not been out either,(Safety First),even though I was still itching to get out one more time,(I have not been out since March 1/11).But because no one was sending in any reports of their day on the ice,I assumed that the Hard Water Season was over.If Long Point Bay was not 115 kilometers away one way,plus the gas at 123.4 a liter,I would of taken the time,and had a look for myself(with tackle in Hand),to see personelly,on how the conditions were.Check out then check under ice conditions,he has an updated report from today on the ice condtion & the fishing.His report sounded so good,that it almost made me pull out my ice fishing tackle from storage again,(and put the Steelhead Rods away-LOL),but he also mentioned about bringing ice picks,so be SAFE.It would of been nice if one of the angler that did go out Today,(apparently,some have gotten their limits)did send in a report of their day on the ice.Hope this helps you.Good Luck,If you get out.

Hi Guys,

I went out ice fishing from St. Williams yesterday afternoon. There is still alot of ice out there. I didnt see any open water or slushy spots. I measured 12" of ice where I was fishing as well! The fishing was a little slow, only took home 2 jumbos, water is very murky still as well. I would say there was at least 20 people out yesterday, a couple huts, quads and people walking out. I thought the rain last weekend would have ended the season, but I was wrong. Since the ice is still very thick, you might be able to walk out this weekend if the wind doesnt get to high and blow it all out of the bay. I was thinking of trying it sunday since its supposed to get colder this weekend.
We went out yesterday with the quad and hut. Conditions were great, the dogs loved it but no fish! As of yesterday all the huts are off except the bear hut and the one at the marina. Today it is raining here but it is supposed to get colder by Sunday. We may try Lake Simcoe apparently the fishing is really good there , we just can't give it up yet.[:X]
Thanks 4 the update guys & gals.. I will b home near midnite,so on the ice 2morrow,,will report results ..gud luck fshrgrl @ Lake Simcoe,jwalsh on Sunday,,& Red maybe these reports will bring your ice tackle out of retirement..thanks again 4 the updates,,

If Cans r flyin,they will b dyin...
Good luck fshrgrl if you go to Lake Simcoe,sorry to hear about the no fish on the Bay yesterday,but it sounds like you still had a good time8DJwalsh,the murky water conditions does not Help.I am surprised from your report that there is still a lot of ice out there,("12" thick)after all of the rain that fell in the Bay area,plus the milder temperatures,within the last week or so,maybe I did put the Ice Fishing Tackle away too early.canslayer,it is tempting to give it another go,but with the SLOW fishing on the Bay,from the other reports,it sounds like I am not missing too much.I will fish for Walleyes from shore instead,here on the Thames River in the London area,before the season closes at midnight on March 15/11.Good Luck to Everyone,& Play Safe.8D

hey red is there still pics in the river up there? havent tried in 10 years used to go up to wardsville every spring i beleave big bend park then some large group of people for some reason {food- money-trade?? were stringing nets across the river and just about cleaned them out last 2 times up there i only hooked 1 fish. befor the nets you could limit out in a few hours. the news story on the netting on the tv 10 years ago said it worked out to 2500LBs per family in the community i guess some people like fish more than others.
Hey runt,it is good to hear from you again.There are Walleyes around,but you have to work for them at times,to have any success.(just like hard water Perching-LOL).The Thames River will be flying though because of the meltdown happening from the rain/snow.I am also keeping a close eye out on the Bayfield & Maitland Rivers North of here,for some rivermouth Steelhead action,once these rivers settle down a bit from the run-off.8D

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