Off Topic Filet knives?


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Just for fun my curiosity got the better of me and I read up on the Bubba Electric knife, sounds like they are/have been experiencing a gear stripping/wearing out issue.

I'll wait until I hear they're using better quality parts and this is no longer being reported.

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I personally have used Rapala and Mister Twister electric knives...I’ve used an American Angler electric knife now for 2 years...hands down the best most powerful knife I’ve ever used....filets a 10lb walleye likes it’s butter

Have you used the Rapala heavy duty electric filleting knife. I have a regular Rapala electric filleting knife but was looking at getting the American angler pro or the Rapala heavy duty filleting knife. I’m sure either one will be an upgrade over the standard Rapala filleting knife. I have just read some reviews of people saying the American angler gets really hot after cleaning like 5 walleye and sometimes has a hard time going through rib cage. Seems like the reviews are better for the older Grey black version of the American angler but they don’t make them anymore.