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I am thinking of putting a pair of riggers on a new 1750 Lund . I am pretty "green" to the downrigging thing .We are currently using 2 lead core back and dipseys out each side . We bring all our lines in when a fish is on ,but usually leave the dipsey on the opposite side out . Will I be able to leave the riggers down as well? Any suggestions on what type of downriggers I should look at . Manual verses electric.
It is common practice to leave out your riggers when bringing in a fish as long as you keep some forward motion.
As for manual vs electric go for electric if you can budget it.
I don't bring anything in when fighting a fish. The lead core is way back so it shouldn't get in the way just bring him to the boat and net him at the stern.

I run a 21 ft Sylvan and I've got manual riggers. I run some Cannon Sport trollers on the back and a pair of Walker Kingfishers with 4 ft booms on the side. When fishing Erie I use the Walker holders for dipsey holders. I can take a 2ft section of the boom.

Tight lines and good luck
I first started down rigging in Lake Huron so I went with electric. But Lake Erie you could get away with manuals. When checking lures, it nice to have the cannon balls ready when you have retrieved them and removed dragging sheep head! Electrics just speeds this process up. Hope this helps.
i leave everything down when fighting fish i bought electrics fisrt off because they will last you a life time and up grading later from manuals to electric is more costly. you might fish lake erie now but you might fish lake o some time and 100 feet of cable is a lot to crank.
tyee one on--Welcome to the Board,and Enjoy your New Lund(tyee model).I Enjoy my Lund,they are Built to last.;)Now about the type of downriggers.I personelly prefer Electric over manual,due to the Fact while playing the Fish,a person can Hit the Automatic Button to bring up the cannonball,while still playing the Fish,no downrigging cable left in the water this way,were a fish can`t try to wrap itself around.Yes,it did happen to me only once,after that,it was Electric Riggers from there on in.Yes the Electric Rigger`s are more $$,but you will end up with more Fish in the Cooler,with the Electric`s.My 2 cents worth:pEnjoy Your Boat.8D LIFE`S SHORT FISH HARD !!

I have Dipsys, TripZs, and downriggers. For Erie walleye I only use the Dipsys and TripZs. At the depth fish are caught, they work fine. I never reel in other lines when fighting a fish. As long as you keep moving in a straigh line, no problems. Dipsys are outboard on each side, Tripzs are staggered straight out the back.
hey go out and c jos at angler outfitters and check out what he's got i recently up date to electric he knows his stuff and good price's and good luck with the boat nice buy kirb
Go Electric now and be done with it. Brand is a personal choice as pretty much all riggers today are bullet proof. I personally run Cannons on my charter boat although I have tried them all over the years and ran Walkers for about 10 years. I prefer the cannons and will stick with them unless I can find a better one which is not likely. Just my 2 cents and good luck with the lund.
Tyee I also have a 1750 lund fisherman model i run walker electric riggers on my boat with bert tracks and holders for my dipsy rods and leadcore.Electrics are the way to go convenient,dont bother with manuals you will only wish you did go electric.
Thanks for all the great advise. Looks like electric wins,and leaving the lines in should land me a few more fish . 8D
tyee one I was on spoonpullers site and seen a walker tournament series electric rigger with swivel base and 4inch riser for $300 or $250 for rigger will probably want the riser.I use them on my lund.Thats a great price and he says in great condition,no need to buy new .
Thx Tcat ,Yes I am definately looking at good used ones . What do I look for when buying used. ie cables , motors etc.
Cables look for fraying, although 200ft of cable is less than 30 bucks. Parts for Walker riggers are easy to get as they are built and distributed from Stayner Ontario. Can't go wrong with Walker
check the overall condition of unit,check plastic roller piece at front of unit and the end that attaches to rigger weight.remember small parts arent a big deal as chrome seeker said they are made in stayner.
I got mine off ebay a few years ago and they where electrics. I got the pair for the price of one and they threw in the rods. I looked local and just met them at a tim hortons.

A bad days fishing better than good days work.
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