cracked block :/


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I have never tried Devcon ,but it sounds awesome...I have used JB weld on a cracked block and got lucky and got another 50,000 is. Prep is HUGE as mentioned by an experienced welder...PS I am a U A 67 welder....tried welding a block before....dont do it. Fix and flip advice. Buy a new one


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Minnownite, I have two tubs of the Belzona product. It is an industrial strength metal epoxy, can withstand the high temps of an engine block, is machinable, etc...etc.. We used it in industry as a fill product between wear plates where three ton coils up to four tons and 800 degrees F. would slide along the plates, every three or four minutes, 24 hours a day. The epoxy metal fill would last up to a year before requiring reapplication. You are welcome to use what you need for your repair without cost except for gas as I live in Hamilton. Send me a personal message if interested. I also have a home machine shop and can tig weld that block if it is aluminum.


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I've been in contact with Mick @ kraushaar machine shop in Tillsonburg. I would be able to get a brand new short block for $1200 plus shipping. Install new bearings. Old pistons with new rings. new gaskets. Should be under $2000 and a full new engine! So i'm currently exploring that avenue. Thanks for all the advice guys! I'll keep your offer in mind @proV2025