Fishing Report Couple Grand wallies May 16/019

Trevor M

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Down to the river this morning with a buddy to try our luck (river is right at our backdoor so to speak) Had some fun with fishies for a couple hours with dew worms. got a mixed bag which included---suckers, two painted turtles, assorted "stickfish", and TWO walleyes. Nothing huge just good eater size (mine was bigger)
Atta boy Gord. Walleye is always good, especially when you're not exactly expecting to catch one.

But I gots ta ask, WHY was ya fishin fer turtles:p? Don't ya know you can buy'em in a box covered in chocolate? Much tastier, but not so good for da belly.......and if yer out after them "stickfish" hell I gots lots of them in behind the house I have to cut up and get rid of you can have. :LOL: