Colchester Walleye Sat n Sun....


big rod

Got a couple fish near Ford Rd Sat,moved to the Detroit Rvr mouth and caught our other ten.Fished 12 to 19 f.ow.Holiday Beach to the mouth was good both days .Sat the better of the two .Caught fish from 1 lb to 9 lb.
A couple pics from the weekend.


Caught this bad boy in 14ft.It was 9lbs 14 oz.



Lots of other fish around so bring lots of worms.

Big Rod
nice weekend on the pond looking out from shore all weekend :([:(!]
the flooring is done the fishing begins in 10 days:D no more standing on shore with a hammer in my hand
nice fish hopfully you can find her again on the 11th see you soon
how do you like the worm cups? cheap but not very sturdy you won't twist a ankle lol
Reeldrag i need another cup.I dropped one overboard Sat.I am glad you are almost done the reno.It will be nice when you can go to Harrow and just buy beer instead of going to Home Hardware.:D

Big Rod
i have some more cups in the waiting area. remind me next time i see you and i will give you one. good thing the beer store is close to home hardware they have been well used all winter.
Nice cat Chip, does Brad eat them? ( dumb question when you've got walleye.....but you never know)Cat fishing has been great down by Port Talbot and have got quite a few hogs out of there in the last week. Gonna have to get down for a visit soon.

Ken J

" Never mind if the horses are blind, just load the damn wagon"
Ken ,we let the cats go.We caught 3 both mornings.Come down Canada day weekend,if your not busy.

Big Rod
Hey KJ,

I was out cat fishing at a creek near us. 7 kittens and 1 mama around 10lb.

I haven't been down to Talbot since I was a youngster (some time ago). Is the access ok for a yak?

I've been preoccupied trying to get jr #2 a summer job - it's cutting into my free time :D

Sounds good Chip, don't have too many plans for the summer and this is the first time in 16 years that soccer is out of the equation.... WR yes you could put your yak in no problem, quite a few people put in canoes and small tin boats. You could paddle out into the lake on a calm day and probably perch fish.It's a great spot. I too have been putting time in trying to find a summer job for the oldest one.


" Never mind if the horses are blind, just load the damn wagon"
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