Bummer Day on the Bay


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Hi All.
We got set up with one scoop of Jimmy's finest at 15:00. We left at 17:30.

We had inflow, we had outflow we had a no show. We did not even see one fish.

We could not find the holes from yesterday because the GPS isn't here yet and Jimmy moved his huts. We were very clos though.

The ice thicknes in my four holes inside the Portable were 4inches of clear, five inches of clear and 2 at6 inches of clear.

Well that's it. I quit and I am selling all my stuff and I am never going to the Bay again.


It was still a good day.
Cheers, Clark
Sorry guys and gals, Sunday might be my fault. Seems to be my luck - a day late again. My daughter and I went out in one of Jimmy's huts - he said they were killing them perch Saturday. Tried to follow all the tips and tricks I've read on here to give her a good day one the ice. Well, she out-fished me me again. 1 to 0. Not even a jumbo at that.
Never be disappointed with a day fishing with my kid, but at least once in while it'd be nice not to have to BUY a fish dinner.
Thanks again to Jimmy, always great service at the store and on the water.
Anyway, I'm ready for spring..... well, once I dig about 10 feet of snow piled in front of the boat.

Gord D.
Walleye,sorry to read about your Bummer Day on the Bay,well,at least you are Honest.The Winds looked like that they where in your favour today at least,(I almost thought about going down to the Bay also earlier this morning),not blustery,like the rest of the week coming up,according to the Sailflow Chart.How was the walking condition on the ice?Just wondering,in case I am heading down there,later in the week.I am Itching to get back out there.Good Luck On Your Next Outing,It could be your Best One Yet.8D

Hi All.
Red Hering. I Use a Skidoo for the hardwork but there were people walking out. Lots of slush and some deep snow. I would walk on Skidoo trails.

The weather this week should tighten up most of the exposed slush and make walking easier.
I hope that helps.
Cheers, Clark
Originally posted by ch312

are any ATV's still gettin around on the bay?

I had no problem on Saturday and mine is 2wd

Dan B.


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