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I am going to be re-carpeting my boat in the next couple weeks and was looking for info on a good glue to use. I hear a lot of complaints about different types and was wondering if you guys have a specific brand you prefer. Any suggestions or success stories?
Home Hardware sells an exterior carpet glue.I believe its for decks etc. probably as good as any,never used it yet.

zxninja,check out the ad under stomp`slongpointpage,it says,Replace Your Boat Carpet.(Click it for more info).They sell a 1 gallon Marine-Grade Adhesive Glue for $29.99,free Shipping included.It apparently will cover a 8x10 foot area.Good Luck

Homehardware in St.Thomas has what you need,the London store did not keep instock, must be ordered in.I have used the deck carpet and the glue and they both work great.I installed it in my boat about 4 years ago and is still looks good,easy to clean.I only glued the edges of the carpet,about 6" in.THANKS.....
I just couldn't resist entering your conversation fellow fisherman, in that I'm glad you got the glue at Home Hardware. (I worked at a Home Hardware store for six years after I retired from my career)and you get good personal attention at their stores as there locally owned. There, had to say that. Huron.
Hey ninja you ever thought of using vinyl home depot carrys a marne vinyl and aparrentl ptoctor marine does also I hated having carpet I'm my 14'er the new boats got vinyl floor I'm real happy about that just wish the casting deck wasn't carpeted. As for glue I used the same from home hardware in the spray can and it worked great for what I did with it.


I would like to thank Denali custom rods and The Rod Glove for their support
At Home Hardware we'll always do what we can to get you the right product for your needs. That's our job.


Red Hering, I checked out the link to The boat carpet store, but it says that they do not ship outside of the US. Too bad, because the no shipping woulf of been a great deal.
zxninja,sorry about that.I guess I should of read the fine print somewhere,about no shipping outside the U.S.The way our Canadian Dollar is right now,it would of been a good deal.It was especially made for boat carpets.Good Luck,in your search,hopefully you will find someting locally.All The Best.

They will not ship to Canada because of the length of the material {72"w},in a roll it looks like a tube{could hide a weapon of some sort???}.I have ordered thru Cabella,s and had it deliverd to the Cabella,s{the first time i did only the floor} in Munroe Michigan,but then you have the added expense of going to pick it up and the duty.The vinyl i used is the exact same material as what Homehardware carries,72" wide,you buy it buy the yard,it comes in different colors,plus the adhesive.The second time i found it in St.Thomas.It is easy to work with,my wife cut the pattern and it fits great.I also did the top of the live well and the casting deck,a little glue and staple the material from the inside,like reuphlostering a chair?THANKS....
I have really good luck with 3m-777 glue-it comes in a spray,goes on thin an sticks 2 anything,but like contact cement,once its down it is DOWN.
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