Afternoon bite question


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The last two trips out to Glasgow we were forced to wait till roughly 1pm to have our lines in the water. Both trips did not produce very well. Yesterday we hit 2 eyes pretty quickly and then it just seemed to shut down. I tried deeper, shallower, faster, slower not even a knock off. I did notice there were very few boats out. Is it the mid day heat that keeps the boats away or does the fishing seem to slow?


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I was thinking the same thing. I did try 10 colour lead as well as setting the dipsys back further no luck.


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@taper everything I'm, and the others on the boat are catching are shallow in whatever depth water they are in, you might be dragging everything underneath them.

I don't fish the afternoon bite, always head out in the morning, but those I know who do, aren't fishing a lot deeper than in the morning. (For @stomp at least that's what they tell me. )


Yesterday afternoon / evening was a very tough bite out of Bruce. Marked lots of fish in 54-60 fow, but for some reason (maybe NE wind) even once the sun dropped after 7:30pm, it was extremely slow despite seeing plenty of arcs on finder.... Managed 5 wallaye in a few hours, but based on previous outings, this year, I was expecting limits...
I usually find afternoon bite gets better with every hour after 3pm.


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When you catch a fish. Set a waypoint. If you don’t catch another fish in 10 minutes. Turn your damn boat around. Put out three more of what caught that fish and keep going over that spot till your cooler is full. I shake my head when I read reports of people trolling from this depth all the way out to that depth and only caught however many. Maybe turn the boat and work the active school with the presentation that just proved itself. May not work 100% of the time but it isn’t likely to reduce your success rate. Family fishing trip last night lasted less than 2 hours and we didn’t leave a square mile area I bet.
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Thanks noclass, you just let the secret out. Wife and I where out Wed and took a 1/2 hour to find a biter and then a second one right away. Trolled another 10 minutes and nothing. Pulled and run back and went thru same waypoints and picked up another two. Did this over again and ended with 9 and lost 3. All fish came from a 1/2 mile troll many times.
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