lake st. clair

  1. Blastr

    Blastr Charters

    Blastr Charters offers a wide variety of guided fishing adventures located in Southern Ontario. Our number one goal is to ensure you have a great experience on the water. Fishing out of: Lake Erie - Long Point, Port Burwell Lake St. Clair - Lighthouse Cove, Belle River Visit Blastr's web site...
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    December LSC Musky fishing with @[2764:@Blastr] .
  3. stomp

    Fishing Report LSC Musky Dec. 3

    Out with @Blastr Charterss today on LSC... 2 for 3 today ... a couple of 39" fatties...and some table fare
  4. Arawak

    VHS virus suspected in Lake St Clair fish kill

    Reports of dead fish floating in Lake St. Clair have Michigan's Department of Natural Resources investigating a possible outbreak of viral hemorrhagic septicemia, a virus researchers describe as "very contagious." Symptoms can include bloody patches on the fish's skin. The virus, also known as...
  5. stomp

    Fishing Report LSC live...June 18 2016

    Just set up on the hump put of Belle River... aboard the @Mickey Finn boat trolling next to us just boated a musky... good sign .. hopeful
  6. stomp

    Musky LSC

    Might get a chance to fish St. Clair this weekend. Anyone having any luck down that way?
  7. Rankulizer82

    Fishing Report casting the thames nov 28

    [/URL][/IMG Went casting with my buddy hoping to get him a monster...well he got to net one for me! Fish were gettin caught like crazy off the peer and nets were comin out on all the boats quite often even saw a couple sight seeing muskies cruising around with their heads out of the water ...
  8. Three Bouys

    Fishing Report St.Clair Nov 11 False Alarm Musky Video

    Adrenaline pumping excitement!!!!
  9. stomp

    Fishing Report St Clair Nov 11

    Got an invite to join @apps and @Blastr and @Three Bouys on St. CLAIR. Lots of fishing time all trolling. No fish for us today. Guys casting did better. Had some action late but just musky scales left on the hook. Great weather and good times on the water!
  10. Fish Whisperer

    Fishing Report St Clair

    First time musky fishing. Not so good no fish. Good news not many others catching either. Started at Belle river and ended at Mitchell
  11. apps

    Fishing Report Live @ St Clair

    @Blastr and I are currently 8 for 9 49" biggest a 45" and some smaller ones ..........apps