1. Y

    Long Point Bay First Timer

    Fishing LBP for the first time tomorrow morning... anybody have any tips or information on what to expect this time of year? Would preferably be targeting large mouth and pike. Will only be in a 12' aluminum boat as well. Thanks!
  2. Y

    Rondeau Bay Tips

    Anyone have any tips for Rondeau Bay? I have a 12' lund and looking to get on some good large mouth and pike. Any tips would be much appreciated. I've heard its quite weedy. Thanks in advance
  3. fishtracker

    Wanted Lefty line counter combos or just reels

    Was looking for a couple downrigger/dipsey even leadcore combos, it’s my first year at it on Erie I need to start somewhere. The reels must be left hand retrieve and have line counters. Thanks
  4. hawghunter

    SOLD 14 deep Legend with 20hp Honda

  5. sogh

    Fishing Report Lake Erie Bass- gopro footage

    Some footage of Lake Erie Bass 2016. Let me know what you think.