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    going to quinte help

    quote: Originally posted by Asscar Just came back from Picton last week from fishing. I knew it was a little early for the walleye to have the feed bag on. I tried numerous spots ie: Shermans Point and found that all of my luck came at Thompson Point. Ended up with 20 walleye . Fished off and...
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    A Quick Rant

    Probably the same person that smashed into my front bumper on my brand new FX4 and left no note I feel your pain,some people are.....
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    Huron perch

    Nice going for a second there I thought you had 3 arms lol
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    New ride

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    minnows from jimmy riggin
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    Old cut Monday 01/31

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    Old Cut Wednesday January 26,2011

    Thanks for the report Red :)
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    Triton trailer tire and rim

    quote: Originally posted by binkley is it a 4 or 5 bolt pattern?? keepen'er afloat is always better than sinkin. 5
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    Triton trailer tire and rim

    I have a brand new tire and rim (mounted) that fits a Triton sled atv trailer 21560-8 50 bucks Located north of Woodstock
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    Photo Contest ends Tuesday January 18th

    What if yur not a member of facebook?
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    new here and hello to all

    Welcome Bassfisherman
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    Perchin Thurs

    quote: Originally posted by Red Hering Dontgetcaught,Hello myself and another angler I was talking with,both saw your 14 inch Perch after you had just caught it.It was definetly a Trophy for a Perch.Nice to have talked to you also before you left your fishing spot. Good Fishing.8D RED FISH...
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    Perchin Thurs

    quote: Originally posted by Argo Nut Hey dontgetcaught Sounds better than a good day at work! :) Where were you fishing and how was the ice. If the snow holds out I am walking out on Saturday. I need the exercise. It is suppose to be a little milder but snow…… Fresh batteries in the GPS and...
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    Perchin Thurs

    Slow bite for me today.Brought home a few for supper though.I did catch my second 14 incher this season today...what a pig There is still bad spots all over so be carefull out there
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    ice off oldcut

    Jimmys report on his web site says he will be putting out his huts tomorrow.Iam assuming Jimmy goes out of old cut...Ive seen his truck parked there