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Hi there and welcome. Those are some nice looking harnesses!!

Would like a pack of 5

All Willow blades #4 in Gold or Copper if possible

For body

Metallic #5, #1, #2
UV #2
Glow Green #3

Let me know how to pay etc

Rob Nauta
43 Hillview Drive
Mossley, ON


Hi Balleye2, The Scotty 1116 Pro Pack riggers go for around $650 each which look very similar to what you have. I know the other guy hit you up first so he has first dibs however, if he only wants 2, I am interested in 2 myself. I can off you $1000 for a pair.
If you can let me know either way of the out come, I would appreciate it. You can text me at 807-707-5456.
sounds ok, i need a drive. what is your address, and i will come down saturday if convenient.
My number is 226-235-9466. please text or call. I have been a member of this board for years, but never knew how to pm etc
ill take the black cloud and heavi steel how much in aylmer can grab sunday when i get home
Sent RS a message about him still having an interest in it . Not that I don't , but he says he's just around the corner in Waterloo , which is a lot closer . If he doesn't respond , I am still interested but will have to put it off till next weekend as something has now come up . I gave him your phone # . Let me know if he grabs it and if he doesn't I'll be by next weekend for sure .
Magnum 3
So I guess we are still on Myron . RS threw the ball back in my court , so let me know when you're around for this weekend and we'll make a plan .
Mick, if you like the K-100, I can set you up with a 1L. for about $25. which is the equivalent to 4 small bottles. Something to think about.
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Thanks alot Mike later on next year I will get a litre fresh stock
Do you do house calls to London. Got a noisy fridge.
No Ben, what make and model#, where does the noise come from(frzr, back by compressor)?
Hey Derek, since every body and their dog are growing pot, Ontario Plants should start producing clones for spring planting. There is a huge market for this stuff today. It would be nice to purchase clones from a credible source. A business associate did this on the coast with a 10K clone limit. @ $20 each, he is sold out in 2 weeks...that's $200,000!...just an idea.
With those micro Nursery licenses out there not a bad idea as a small business
Only problem is out of the $200,000 I imagine a lot of that goes to the government!
I fish to scratch the surface of those mysteries, for nearness to the beautiful, and to reassure myself the world remains. I fish to wash off some grief for the peace we so squander.
Hi Josh. I live in Sarnia and was wondering where the perch are schooling up along the south shore of Lake Huron ? Would love to get out there in Oct/Nov and get a few jumbos. I ran into a guy two weeks ago and he had a chitload of jumboes that he said he cought in the Johnson(South side of Walpole). He was using a 16 foot tin boat and using a worm harness. Any info would be great. Thanks! Mitch K.
Josh Roelofsen
Goderich is the popular spot. I know they fish them off Kincardine as well.
I'd imagine Bayfield would be similar. Not much of a perch guy myself but there's definitely a quality fishery there.
Hi Josh, I have a short video I want to share with you. Edge of my property in Brisco, B.C. This is why I want to learn float techniques. My daughter and hubby took this. Please don't share this with the membership for privacy reasons.
cheers Josh,


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If you need a boat I know where there is one sitting
lOl, so do I, how was your surgery?
Fish Whisperer
Fish Whisperer
Good they feel they got all cancer out. Just waiting to get back on water
Fish will wait take care of yourself Ben.
Hi @JASON83 not sure when I will be down again may try this week but going away for long weekend. Will be down after that. I can send you a text when I will be in area if that works. My number is 905-866-8513
sounds good my # is 519-636-2814
Reel Therapy
Reel Therapy
Great I will send you a text a day or 2 before I am heading down. With the winds looks like it will be after the long weekend before I will get down.
Fallguy, If this stuff is available my 12 year old would love it. He has been tying for a little over a year, and is always looking for more materials and books. PM me here, thanks in advance. R Smith
Your welcome to it, text me at 519 317 9079
Text me when you hook fish. I will go the same. 519-826-8850. My name is Hy. Pronounced HEY. Haven't decided if I want to go out of lift bridge or Bronte yet. Would end up at Bronte by mid day anyways.
I will launch from lift bridge.. will text when I hook up.. I will be in a black legend
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