Word of thanks to some fellow hunters


Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to the guys who helped us out Friday evening. We were hunting big rice in the fog pretty much all day long and decided at about 4:15 to pick up and head in. The GPS we were using ( Magellan 315 ) never gave me a problem and we had marked waypoints to and from the public launch at LP park so I wasn't too worried about getting in ...just take our time and we'll make it back.

The ride back was long ....(too long as a matter of fact given the speed we were traveling) when the motor started to act up. It looked like we were close to shore but the GPS was not showing any familiar waypoints to guide us at that point. Seconds later the motor quit and I could not get it started ......checked the gas tank ....it was empty! So here we were ....GPS not working, no gas ....in complete darkenss and dense fog ....close to shore??? Who knows ...the situation was bleak to say the least. In all my years of waterfowl hunting ( over 30 ) I had never been in this situation before. I had a full tank of gas when we hunted big rice the day before and I have run out there many times so I wasn't even concerned with not having enough gas for 2 trips there and back. Anyway ...there we were stranded when off in the distance I heard someone with a mud motor run and then shut off so I started to yell to them to help us out. Minutes later I could hear them talking ....it turned out to be a group of hunters heading in to the Old Cut .....that's how far off we were with our coordinates to the park ramp. There was another boat coming in as well .....they gave us some gas to get the motor started and the other group of guys led us in to the ramp at the Old Cut where they drove my brother in law back to the park for our truck.

I cannot begin to thank those fellow hunters for their assistance and generosity. I am forever indebted to them and I owe them my life. I have no idea what we would have done if they were not there to help out. To the guys towing the Kalash 2 man layout boat ( I never did get their names ) and to the guys in the big jon boat with the headlights who wouldn't take any $$$$ for the gas .....I say thank you and will drink a toast in your honor. I hope we run into each other again but certainly under different circumstances. I am looking for a new GPS and some other items.

I will not ever leave a boat ramp without extra gas, a push pole that actually locks in place and a GPS that works. I hope this story serves as a guide to everyone who hunts big water to never ever take preparedness for granted and make sure your gear is functional and working correctly. I learned a valuable lesson ...one I will never forget as long as I live.

Thanks again
Jeff Kakaley
Glad to hear all worked out. I meet the guys with the 2 man layout boat Sat. night they were staying at a cottage on Old Cut nice guys one american and the rest are from Essex they were telling me about the fog Fri. night and how they helped out. They also tried to help another hunter who looked lost but insisted he knew were he was and then drove his boat headed out into the bay. I am on my second gps a garmin and they never seem to work well in the fog best to have a compass and a full tank of gas.
Good to here you made it back to the launch.

The fog was very thick that day, I love hunting the fog.

I was hunting with my brother, his boat has the big headlights, its actually a 16' lund, but with a john boat fast grass hide on it. I kid him about the lights, but they do come in handy.
We actually had already taken another boat that was lost out in the bay into the park launch, on the way we heard someone hollar for help. so after we dropped off the other guys, we headed out to find you.. We came accross the guys with the mud motor that would not keep running, they had another boat with them already, so we continued on to your location.
We always keep a small can of gas as reserve, just encase. and actually when got back to the cottage, our main tank was dry as well..

I have carried a gps with me for years.. When I first got it, we went out in the fog with a friend of ours, and my friend and I watched on the gps as my brother drove us arround in circles in the fog.. That made him a believer, and he promplty got one for himself. But they can and do fail, so a compass makes a great backup..

The west end of the bay cleared early in the am that day, and was a bright sunny day at the cottage, the east end of the bay saw hardly any sun that entire day, it was a great day in the marsh...

Great to see everyone looking out for each other out there. My brother has walked in from little rice once, motor issues. And there was no one else out there that day to get a ride with, and no cell to call for help.

We try to get down for a couple of short weeks each november, will maybe see you then...

Take care.
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