Wondering if hut made it threw storm

Bitchin Bass

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I wonder how deep the snow is now after the storm
and if my hut survived all that wind.:0
My hut is next to shore off of old cut has my number and name Andrews HVAC Services
guess I`ll know when I get back down there [?]

hope to get back soon because the best time is Feb.

117km hour winds clocked on longpoint,thats what the weather network was saying.Someone was stranded on an iceflow also for 9hrs..not sure what part of erie!!
Come on spring.
Saw something on the news about pelee island I think but I wasn't watching it just heard bits and pieces the coast gaurd saved the guy.


I would like to thank Denali custom rods and The Rod Glove for their support
Bass fisherman;Huge NE winds on Long Point then switched to huge SW winds, can't imagine how much snow has drifted into the marshes and along the Point.I can't see the huts in close at Old Cut.Most of the huts on the bay were ok three narrower huts flipped over. It sure is a beautiful day here today.
I watch a site from the States especially when the winds are gales from one direction then the opposite to watch the levels of Lake Erie.You can see that the level at Toledo rose 42 inches above normal then dropped 50 inches when the wind changed to the west.At Buffalo it was the opposite,rising 60 inches, at Erie it rose 40 inches or so.Is it any wonder with the water dropping or rising 5ft. that the ice starts breaking up and moving around? This event looks like it's a similar time frame as the guy parking in the lake.
Toledo Station; http://glakesonline.nos.noaa.gov/plotcomp.shtml?station_info=9063085+Toledo,+OH+&flag=0
Erie Station; http://glakesonline.nos.noaa.gov/plotcomp.shtml?station_info=9063038+Erie,+PA+&flag=0
Buffalo Station; http://glakesonline.nos.noaa.gov/plotcomp.shtml?station_info=9063020+Buffalo,+NY+&flag=0
List all Local Stations;http://glakesonline.nos.noaa.gov/monitor.html
Note; The levels at Erie PA. seem to be closest to LP

The crack that the sleder drove into was supposed open up. It's opened up, I think, in the outer Bay.

A buddy of mine actually went out fishing from St. Williams yesterday...He said they were out by EC10 and a huge crack started opening up while they were fishing...they packed up and got out of there right away...I guess it was pretty scary...so be safe out there guys!
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