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I'm setting up a new pair of Cannon MAG5HS electrics(only Big Jon manuals before)and only other electrical draw(for now)is my fishfinder/gps combo. I have a tired 4 year old Can.Tire deep cycle that I want to replace. I'm looking at an Interstate SRM-29 (group 29)deep cycle. It has 675 CCA, 845 CA, and a huge 210 minutes of reserve capacity, for about $140.95. I'll be the first to admit I'm into new territory here, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance folks. Big Guy.;)
A lot of people have told me great things about the energizer batteries from Walmart. Biggest one is only $110

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Interstates are good batteries and their warranty is solid.They are as good as anything out there.I had them in the Tracker I had for 5 yrs. and they were as good as new the day I traded in the boat.
big guy you will find that the riggers are going to draw alot of power but if you are charging with your motor you wont have a problem I am told that batteries with lower CCA will last longer because the plates in the battery are farther apart so they are less likely to touch together and short out with the pounding in a boat.
I have to agree with elevator man. I have the energizer deep cycle/starting and it has done more than I ever expected it to do. This is my second one and would not buy another battery. My first one lasted 7 years and was able to run a 35lbs thrust bow mount on a 14fter for 4 days of heavy use no problems. I now have a 55lbs thrust on a 17fter and got three days of fishing a windy Lake Nipissing last spring on one charge. We use the trolling motor for all our fishing there except for the odd drift in the eve if the wind is right. I am sure there are a lot of great batteris out there, but until energizer lets me down, I am loyal to thie batteries.
I have a pair of interstate in my boat since 2004 , put the charger on them the other day still fully charge from when i took them out in fall , since i have 2 on boat that have not let me down at all ,thinking i should start this year replacing 1 at least
Either Energizer from Walmart or the Kirkland ones from Costco. There are only a few battery manufacturers out there; good chance some of these come from the same place. Specs between Energizer/Kirkland/Interstate are very similar. I'm a bit of an analytic so I made a spreadsheet when I was getting a deep cycle for the trolling motor. Ended up going with the Energizer from Walmart since the one left in the store had a more recent date sticker than the Kirkland ones from Costco. I understand it is very hard on a deep cycle battery to have it sitting around discharged.

Proper maintaince seems to lead to better battery life than does brand chosen. Make sure to charge it up as quickly as possible after getting of the water, and throw the trickle charger on it occasionally through the winter months.

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I thank you all for your input, now I'm even more undecided.lol
I've read tons of manufacturer info stating how they are superior. That's why getting first hand advice is so important, about a lot of things. There is nothing better than your tried and true experiences. The last thing I want is to be miles from shore, with a crappy battery. Thanks again.
I'm going to check out the Energizer bunny, but still leaning towards the Interstate, as I haven't heard anything negative. A buddy told me to get an Optima Blue Top, but it'll cost more. Any thoughts on that one?? Is it worth the extra money?
I've run 2 Deca group 24's since I bought Thorn over 10 years ago but could only get 2 years out of the 3 year warranty on them running them every trip to the bottom of each charge on a 50# MinnKota maximiser before they crapped out. It draws almost 50 amps at full crank and I run all day hard during the fall steelhead season against current and occasionally pinning the prop in log jams which max's out amperage draw. Proctors have always been excellent about replacing them under warranty but I went to Interstate on my last replacement. I run right until freeze up and sometimes don't get the charger on them until the next evening after a tour so I'm sure that my maintainance practises aren't perfect to keep a battery in the top shape it could be. That said, the Interstates where still just shy of full charge yesterday when I finally got around to testing them and putting a maintanence charge to them for the first time since last December. Better warranty than the Energizer from what I remember the last time I went shopping for batteries too.



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I hate to drop names but I got two AGM batteries from Angling Outfitters for my 24 volt motor and I love them. (not sure the brand name) They are three years old and still going strong!!

It will hard to match his warranty and price!!
I hate to drop names but I got two AGM batteries from Angling Outfitters for my 24 volt motor and I love them. (not sure the brand name) They are three years old and still going strong!!

It will be hard to match his warranty and price!!
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