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All right someone needs to help me understand some things. I check 4 different sites for weather, Sailflow,Windfinder Lake Erie, Accuweather & the weather Network. Thurs. night I checked & all 4 sites were calling for max. winds of 12-14km out of the NE. The wife & I headed out Fri. morning & we were in 3-5 footers most of the day. If we can't rely on these "experts" how are we supposed to judge the lake conditions??? After this rant what do you guys think the lake will be like in the morning? I would love to get out & do some trolling for eyes cause this is the last 2 days of va-cay!!!![:(!][:(!][:(!][:(!]
I have fished the beach for years at pt bruce and have had the wind change directions in 3 different diretions in a matter of 5 mins.hard to judge the weather anymore, tuffer for you guys in the boats.happy fishin.
I find the environment Canada marine forecast to be fairly accurate for about 12 hours ahead for Erie for wind speed and direction

Trying to plan a trip this weekend has been a challenge for sure. Every forecast is different in both windspeed and direction. I guess I will get up early and look at the Port Stanley Buoy data and find out the actual windspeed before leaving home. If you are looking at the waveheights on the website, double them for actual waveheights.

I agree with G. Mech - using the stanley buoy gives you a pretty good
idea of what the water is doing. Using this info along with the marine forcast is helpful - and as G. Mech saids double up the wave height (at least they look double when you compare the actual to the perceived)
At my place of work we found these websites to be helpful; NOAA, Enviroment Canada,TheWeatherNetwork[nice because they have an actual weather station right at the Long Point Prov.Park]and Intellicast which has a Windcast feature and don't forget the CCG weather on your VHF radio.

Those old sayings aren't bad either; When fishing East means least,West is best, Red sky in the morning sailor take warning,Red sky at nite sailors delight.

Mother Nature is a fickled old girl and you must always have one eye on her !
I like to use the windsurf site, It is generally good.
http://www.iwindsurf.com/windandwhere.iws?regionID=96&siteID=781&Isection=Forecast+Graphs. Don't forget Windsurf is miles per hour, windspeed is knots not km. The windsurf site was right on for fri am as it forecast the lake to go down as the day went on. I also find the lake to be worst with an east wind, no logic but 10 - 15 east is way worse than 10 - 15 sw. It was hard to keep in touch with the bottom fri, but still managed 60 perch in 35 feet, 2 miles east Pt Stanley. Our cooler sure didn't look like Stomps, that must have been a great day.

I've used this one for years, and for the most part it's bang on. When you see green, it's time to get off the water.

Just a reminder that most of the the marine sites use knots for their wind speeds. This could make quite a difference in the wave height. Good luck to anyone who is getting out.8D

Nothing like a Blast and Cast!
I use NOAA site, from there i do wind, temp, lake transects for temp down at the ball, surface current, all kinds of goodies on there and forecaster too.
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