Well's Bait Shop

red dog

What time does Well's Bait Shop open?

Red Dog
make sure you take a peak in your bucket before you leave. the last few times have been good, so on saturday i didnt look until we were on the boat near ec10. the whopping 15 minnows she gave us didnt last long.

got more than twice as many at old cut for the same price...
Don't bother going there ..... stopped in for minnows at 0715 hrs this morning and they didn't have any ! She said she didn't know when they would get another supply . Call before you go !
if you do buy from wells make sure you count them and get your dozen i got 14 for 5 bucks a couple years back but maybe she just wanted me thats why the 2 extra
If that's the bait shop to the right as you get into Port Bruce I'll never go there again. Counts minnows @ $5 a dozen. Not a free on to be sure.
No it's the shop by port dover on HWY 24


I would like to thank Denali custom rods, The Rod Glove and Live Eye Jigs for their support
:Dwells is the bait shop on the way to port dover or turkey point the old halfway house corner it once was refered to //no i had issues with the shop there hand ....counting ... minnows /// etc so i quit yeaRS AGO YOU CAN BUY MINNOWS ElSEWERE better counts etc ///88D[xx(][xx(][xx(]
Wells has always been fair to me. They have been honest about their bait and I always stop there on my way through.

Have they got their minnows in yet?
I just gave them a call. She said they have no minnows and does not know when they will have them again.
Ok I have to chime in here. I keep reading about bait shops counting out bait and it miffing guys.
What do you expect????? You are being charged by the dozen so why get upset if you get a dozen? These people need to make a living too. With the lack of minnows this year in the bait shops I would hope they do count them out. Maybe just maybe that will allow a couple more fishermen to get the minnows they look for before they are all gone.;)
I agree a dozen should be a dozen and I understand obtaining minnows can be difficult. Having said that most bait shops will give you a scoop of minnows instead of counting 1,2,3 etc.

Mind you not all bait shops are located directly at the ramp.. if you've driven a distance for a day on the water, a prudent bait shop owner isn't going to nickel and dime you if he wants further business from you.

If the fishing is hot and all I got was 12 minnows I'd be pretty miffed if I had to come back in for more ( fishing for perch) Just saying.. :)
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