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ship wrecked

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Couldn't make it out hurt me shoulder. So is there ducks to be had went for a drive didn't see much.Would like to hear from some of you guys at the lake whats happening?
went down to turkey point to day saw lots of mallards go by. had a pair of pintails come by but without a hen decoy bufflehead didn't show up they landed about 70 yrd.away oh well. but I ded see a bald eagle today man was it big.

keepen'er afloat is always better than sinkin.
I was down for a Friday/Saturday hunt in the Unit. I found it kind of odd and hard to predict. Despite the weather being almost the same both days I found Friday slow and Saturday pretty good. Did a re-rent on a walk-in Fri for two mallards, took the boat out on Saturday and got 10 birds with a mixed bag of divers and mallards/blacks with one gorgeous full plumage pintail.
Nice going Cam.I haven't had a good shoot in sometime but haven't given it a good try.Lots of Pintails this year never shot so many in my 38 some odd years hunting in the bay. Hey Binkley so how did you make out? I remember back in the day the bald eagle would fly over the marsh and all hell would break loose lots of ducks to smack
East end walk outs didn't seem to do that well Fri/Sat. I was there Sat. Had a bunch of either mallards or blacks land in my decoys before shooting time. Once the shooting started everything was high and dry. Lots of birds would turn to calling and have a look but would remain high.

Got a field full of geese, hoping they're still there Tuesday. Giving the ducks a break. Need a few more geese to make up a load for pepperoni :)
thanks for the report havnt been many this year i was in the unit sat and had a good shoot but boy did the water ever go out luv my go devl dave:D
not a bird but I did see lots flying around. If only all people that say they wil go would show up the spread would have beed a lot better. oh well this sunday is NW 25 km so it will be calm and lets hope all parties show up. but this time I wil bring my own mallard hens and some more drakes.

keepen'er afloat is always better than sinkin.
So how was she at the lake.Not to good were we hunted got 2 birds mallard and a black.Seen lots of new birds next week should be good if you can get your boat out
I did not go on sunday to damn cold and windy also the water is so low you have to wade 80 yrds. to get to knee deep water. I have a great little creek that I hunt. I got a nice hen mallard on sat. went there on mon. afternoon looking and spooked about 30 ar so out of the pond. should be good for sat. good water flow in the creek so it will not be tight yet. will post the results for you on sat.
should be a good time I have a buddy from parry sound area coming down.

keepen'er afloat is always better than sinkin.
well I couldn't wait till sat. hunted the creek on wed. afternoon and ended up getting 2 mallard hens 1 hen black and 1 drake mallard. not bad for 1.5 hrs. lots of ice on the back eddies to break away but worked out good. will post sat. results.

keepen'er afloat is always better than sinkin.
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