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February 01, 2011

Mr. J. Hughes
Canadian Wildlife Service
Environment Canada
335 River Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0H3

Re: Proposal for "Waterfowl Heritage Days" in the Province of Ontario

Dear Mr. J. Hughes:

I am writing to present a proposal to introduce "Waterfowl Heritage Days" in the Province of Ontario.

It is my understanding that Ontario and Saskatchewan are the only provinces that have not introduced "Waterfowl Heritage Days" to the fall waterfowl hunting seasons.

I believe that adding "Waterfowl Heritage Days" to the fall waterfowl hunting seasons in all provinces and territories would be an excellent way to introduce the younger generation to the outdoors, wildlife, wildlife habitat and the tradition of waterfowling in this country. Hopefully ... we may also be able to recruit a few new young hunters to our aging ranks.

I stated in my letter of October 02, 2010 that I had read your notice in the Ontario Out Of Doors magazine (Volume 42, Issue 8, Page 10) that waterfowler numbers are on the rise. This was encouraging news to read considering that our numbers had been decreasing continuously since 1978 ... the year that I started waterfowl hunting. However the number of Ontario waterfowlers in 2005 (53,151) was 1/3 the number of Ontario waterfowlers in 1978 (159,698) as you had indicated in your statistics.

I believe that much more is required to recruit a new generation of waterfowl hunters so that they will be able to support the habitat conservation efforts that will be required to ensure that the fall flights we currently enjoy continue in the future.

I have been a member of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters since 1979, Ducks Unlimited Canada since 1980 and Delta Waterfowl Foundation since 2001. More recently I have become involved with Long Point Waterfowl and I believe that all of these organizations would welcome the addition of "Waterfowl Heritage Days" to the fall waterfowl hunting seasons in the Province of Ontario.

One possible option that I can suggest would be to have the weekend before the opening of the regular waterfowl hunting season designated as "Waterfowl Heritage Days" for the sole purpose of introducing new and young hunters to the tradition of waterfowling.

Delta Waterfowl has already been involve with the Long Point Waterfowlers Association in a youth hunt at the Long Point Waterfowl Management Unit located within the Crown Marsh which also receives regular support from Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters.

I have been advised that Long Point Waterfowl has facilities in the area that would also be available for training these new waterfowling recruits.

In closing ... I would suggest that all parties involved work together to make this proposal a reality for the benefit of everyone ... now as well as in the future.

I would like to thank you for your due consideration and support of my proposal.


J. Katchin, D.V.M.


Mr. R. Olson, President, Delta Waterfowl Foundation
Dr. R. Bailey, Vice President Policy for Canada, Delta Waterfowl Foundation
Dr. S. Petrie, Executive Director, Long Point Waterfowl
Dr. D. Ankney, Chairperson, Scientific Advisory Committee, Long Point Waterfowl
Mr. J. Brennan, Provincial Manager, Ducks Unlimited Canada
Mr. G. Farrant, Head of Government Relations, Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters
Dr. T. Quinney, Head of Fish and Wildlife Programs, Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters
Mr. P. Hunter, Biologist, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Mr. J. Malcolm, President, Long Point Waterfowlers Association
Mr. R. Abbey, President, Long Point Area Fish and Game Club
Hello Singlemalt,

As per my post of December 24, 2011 in response to your post on "Looking for a Place to Hunt Over the Holidays" here is the proposal that I posted last winter.

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