washed up wallys

erie feeln

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my dad said he herd alot of wallys being washed up on shore from windsor to burwell .does anyone know what this is all about.did a frighter empty or is it mother nature at it worst.:(:(
Found this on it sounds like they don't really know yet



I would like to thank Denali custom rods, The Rod Glove and Live Eye Jigs for their support
i have been down to port Stanley a few times this year have not seen any washed up there. and i hope it stays that way.
The Eye's for the most part are in the eastern and western basin right now so Not seeing any in the central basin isn't much of a gage to the seriousness of the situation, die off's happen every year


I would like to thank Denali custom rods, The Rod Glove and Live Eye Jigs for their support
yes i know where they spawn would have a greater # i fish pelee island every year always do well. but never heard about such a big die off just hoping its not some sort of epidemic. i was told that it could be oxygen levels? i hope thats all it was and it only hit the old or weak fish.
IM still not convinced that this is a spawning issue.Also do wallys not like the cold water?HMMMM something still does not jive.Thank you Americans for your stocking programs.Wish our Country was on board,then there would be no issues,there would be fish everywhere.hopefull this does not hurt the summer fishig,everyone is looking forward too.Also looks like the post from colchester was not affectied.keeping fingers crossed.[|)]
With respect to the walleye being washed up on shore. There was a TV news report about a week ago relative to walleye being washed up on the US side of Lake Erie. The report stated that the suspected die off was restricted to walleye and the reasons were unknown. I did not see the news report myself.
there is a post on skunked on this topic they are saying it is due to lack of oxegen in muddy water for long periods
thanks for the replys we will have to see if it affects us in the months to come.cannot wait for burwell to explode again or if we are really lucky the point.:)
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