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Too bad the CBSA didn't ask for proof of Canadian citizenship too.

[}:)]well mr SOUTH WIND YOU APARENTLY HAVE NOT SEE THE AISIAN CArp at work i have and its deadly .. i mean deadly in 2 years you could say good day to lake erie/// and the boating// would //kill / u/ too ok so dont reply to this in a non respectfull way south wind as its very very serious with all respect and being cautious i personally wouldve deported this gent for life i seriously hope none of these fish have had the chance of being released to our waters:(:(:(most on here have seen this species at work and the cost ........ the cost ... TO KEEP IT CORALED IN THE MIGHTY MISSISSIP ... good god i hope no one challenges this reply i have seen this deadly fish at work not to bhe pushed off as a joke OKIESSSSSSSSSSSS[}:)][}:)][}:)]
I dont think SOUTHWIND was arguing the offense lol... its all good, and yes he should be put in one of those tanks, in the back of that truck, and exported out of the country!

friggin losers are going to destroy this country from their ignorance and money hungry ways.Our great fishery is like a religion and should be protected.
Hats off for our law enforcement,doing a fine job catching evil doers.
Hey fisherman, no joke implied about this. Too serious of a matter. In my true Canadian redneck way I was only saying that I hope the guy importing these things received the same level of scrutiny about getting into this country. You know how politically correct you have to be these days.

It was only a few years ago a regular contributor to this site and Lake Simcoe angler saw these fish for sale in downtown TO in the St. Lawrence Market.

Agreed we all hope they don't or haven't reached the GL Basin ever!!!

50000 thou is chump change compared to what, this... in my opinion.. clown, could have upset ....namely 7 billion plus great lakes fishery economic value.My fellow fisherman i dread the day when i need a peace of mind and go out in our vast great lakes watershed to fish and find snub nose, donkey,foreign, unsportsman like food chain destroying parasite fish on my property,that wont hit a lure or live bait ever,good lord whats going on... this is a brutal threat to the fishery!
Fisherman. You may want to reread the original post. I read it as Southwind was hoping that our border agency took a very hard look at the motherf*^%$r who was importing these nightmares. In my opinion I got that he was hoping that this person was an illegal immigrant and that Canada could ship his sorry ass back to where he came from so he could not polute our country with this species again.

Again, this is just my opinion.



"Rivers are living things, sometimes swollen and discoloured, other times thin and anaemic. Spend enough time around a particular river, you learn to read its moods, like a spouse reads a partner."

[:I]i know what he meant stick[8)]and i thank him for the info[xx(]like i said these peeps need tuning up and more heavy fines they dont give a hoot about the ways of our country 8888:(
Fisherman when you said to deport this fellow you are going to get all the bleeding hearts, lawyers and politicians fired up. Maybe we should EXPORT him back to where he may have come and send a boat load of nuclear waste with him all in the name of fair trade:D
Who cares where this convicted smuggler is from...just the facts,he was hiding an invasive species to carry over the border and got caught,the person knew what they were doing thats why the charges held.Come on.
We should start petitions to the parliament to strengthen the existing laws or its to late!!!!
This guy should be banned from having any species of fish not just invasive species? second offence! take his lively hood away before he does it again. Or put him in a room full of fisherman a nd close the door.


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