Turkey Opener Washout ?

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Weather reports don't look good for next week.Lot's of rain but it's better then snow,right ? LoL ! I'll be out anyways hope the birds will too !

Good Luck and Good Hunting !
Chris Kozak
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I guess you never know! Wetfootwilly Jr was out opening day last year and got soaked to the bone. He didn't get a bird but he did have 2 nice ones come nearby.
I went out and got my blinds set-up yesterday, can't go out til after work tomorrow but I will be out rain or shine.
the mornig was perfect saw 2 toms and then the hens led them away. on tuesday the rain brought out the best in the birds buddy had 7 birds on the ground and one ion the bag by 6:10 should not let people take your spot. LOL oh well the rain should bring out the buggers tomorrow and I will wait for them in the am. oh ya sliom pickins bird was 25.5 lbs and a 10" beard wiht 7/8 spurs. his first tom and is getting mounted nect week. will posrt the results of wed. hunt tomorrow.;)

keepen'er afloat is always better than sinkin.
this morning ws short but not sweet we saw 0 birds today in ithe 45 min. we had to hunt but there are still 8 or 9 toms in the vally gobbling away so there is a positive note. moved the blind location today lets hope it pays off will let you know tomorrow.

keepen'er afloat is always better than sinkin.
Well its been a good but short season again this year 1st one 20.7 , 9 3/4 berd , 1" spurs 2nd one 24.1 , 10 1/2 berd , 1 1/8 spurs now it time to take the wife out for her birds and hopfully get it all on video , oh by the way if anyone has a turkey peppettes receipe let me know I want to try and make some . Good luck to all , hope you all get your birds................apps
Came back this morning after a productive morning, but no bird in the bag.

Tons of gobbles from the NE and SW had 2 gobblers moving in on me but at 7:45 someone started up an ugly sounding diesel tractor that didnt start on its first go. All was silent after that moment. I got up after another 30 minutes to check the SW field with the binoculars, not a bird in sight.
congrats apps. was out in the mini hurricane thurs morn. lasted the first downpour, saw the ugly sky to the west took out the shells and packed up the firearm in the case just as I was about to get up a hen landed in the coys and the biggest tom I have ever seen landed no 20 ft from me. I swear his neck was a big as my forearm and a very large beard to boot. waited about 5 min to watch both go over the bank to the vally floor below. friday not a gobble to be heard anywhere. oh well better luck tomorrow.

keepen'er afloat is always better than sinkin.
Stick with him binkley and you will get him !! Mrs.apps want to go tuesday , so she said I could call him in for her . I will report on how it go....................apps
well I saw 4 hens today and 1 tom I was on the south side of the fiels and my buddy was on the NW his blind blew off of him and as you can well guess it happeded with the tom about 60 yards from me took off and flew into the valley OH well there is always tues. am. It was not the monster but it was a nice sized tom. looking forward to 4:45 on tuesday. will report the result.

keepen'er afloat is always better than sinkin.
binkley....sound like you are having one of these years where if something can go wrong , it will go wrong.........apps
maybe I nee uncle apps to take me out and the season will be over in a few days LOL.. just starting a new job on monday and a wedding away all weekend so it will have to wait till the following sat. and sun. lets hope he is still alive??? oh well. I was going to ask you if you are interested in going pike or perch fishing this spring with me ?? let me know. thanks Lee

keepen'er afloat is always better than sinkin.
Well binkley........ I assure you it's nothing I am doing , but it's all about the spot and Mrs.apps still has a tag left and I am grounded with out her. She said I only married her for her tag but she will not let me help her out with this one , but as it stand not to brag 4 time out and 3 long beard down (all in the location ).Keep in mind I work straight weekends so if you have a day during the week you want to do some fishing and you are not chasing that HUGE bird around (LOL, you'll get him , good things come to those who wait) I never turn down a day in the great outdoors .............apps
well as for the fishing/ hunting, I work straight days and the weekends are split between the missses and the kids. if you get holidays or ect. let me know and I would love to meet you and your wife to get out on the bay or lake for some fish. as for the bird will have to wait till the weekend and we will see. damn things anyway oh well thats life I still have a few weeks to get the little bugger. let me know if you get some time off and we can meet up for some pike ect. long weekend I am home if the monday is good that could work???

keepen'er afloat is always better than sinkin.
Well ....2 weeks of frustration due to weather! Birds started to gobble once the sun started coming out near the end but they wouldn't come out of the woods.Working the woods didn't pan out as they were pretty wet with all the rain we had and it looks like a lot more rain coming for this weekend ??? Glad we have until the end of May to bag one ! I heard someone shot a 29 pounder ! 26 and 27 pounders were being registered too !

I heard someone in Aylmer shot a 29 pounder , is that the same person ?? That a Big bird !! you still have a couple of weeks to get that long berd , good luck..................apps
I found it a tough year as well especially the early part. I was out seven or eight times with very little activity. Then I got two in back to back hunts. Both nearly identical birds, I assume two year olds, both 22lbs 12 oz, with 10" beards and slightly over 1" spurs. The only difference was the first one was 15 minutes from flydown to dead. The other took over two hours to work his way in. Neither of my boys got one this year.
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